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Works with Sonos: everything you need to know about the new badge

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Sonos presented the Works with Sonos badge for home cinema and smart home equipment. This badge can be found on AV receivers and automation equipment, but what exactly does it mean?

Works with Sonos

The ‘Works with Sonos’ badge certifies products that the company claims to connect to the Sonos without any problems multiroom system. This means that your products can communicate directly with the Sonos system and, if desired, can also operate these products with the Sonos app.

The badge helps you find the answer to the question: ‘Does this product work with Sonos?’ The badge also shows which products meet Sonos’ strict requirements regarding design and sound.

The Works with Sonos badge can be found on all kinds of products, including the products in the list below. The badge must be shown on the packaging of these products

  • Logitech (Harmony remote)
  • Onkyo receivers
  • Pioneer receivers
  • Buschfree home home automation
  • Wink alarm systems
  • Niko Home Control

So there are several scenarios to think of in which the Sonos speakers play a role when connected to Works with equipment.


With a complete automation system, you can easily let the Sonos speakers work with the rest . Turn the light on or dim it, operate the heating or air conditioning, the blinds and the Sonos speaker. For example, you can control your Sonos system at the push of a button that is designed specifically for your light switches and sockets. Or set your smart home in such a way that your blinds automatically go up in the morning and your favorite song is played on your Sonos system. Are you leaving your house? You can program the system so that all lights go out and the music stops. With Sonos and Harmony you can group your speakers and control multiple rooms with one tap. These are just a few of the possibilities.


The integration with receivers is rather limited: instead of installing Sonos software in receivers, you still have to work with a Sonos Connect. Products with the Works with Sonos badge connect to the Sonos Home Sound System. It is possible to control receivers directly from the Sonos app. The receiver must be connected to a Sonos Connect.