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WiZ Smart products presents, in line with Hue range

WiZ Smart products has launched and the products are inline with Hue range to make it more compatible with other smart home products.

WiZ Smart products: Last year, WiZ officially became part of Signify, which is of course known for the Philips Hue lighting. WiZ is a cheaper alternative, working on the basis of WiFi. This week, the WiZ range has been expanded further, with various lamps that show many similarities with Philips Hue lamps.

For example, WiZ has introduced the WiZ Pole floor lamp, a lamp that is very similar to the Signe floor lamp from Philips Hue. However, the rod can be placed both horizontally and vertically and offers mood lighting by means of indirect light against the wall. Dual-zone lighting allows two colors to shine at the same time.

The WiZ Mobile Table Lamp also comes with dual-zone lighting. This lamp has a built-in battery and can therefore be placed flexibly. The WiZ Bar Linear Light is a horizontal and vertical light bar that can be expanded with multiple models and comes with dual-zone lighting.

WiZ is launching the SuperSlim for the ceiling. This fixture comes in 43 centimeters and 55 centimeters. Also for the ceiling are the WiZ Imageo spots, which come in a variant with three and a variant with four spots. The Rune is yet another ceiling fixture with a diameter of 40 centimeters. Finally, WiZ introduces the WiZ Portable Button. This is a wireless button with which the lighting can be controlled remotely, without using the app.

WiZ Smart products

The WiZ lamps are controlled via WiFi with an app. The color, brightness and color temperature are adjustable and can be saved in light scenes. The prices below have been announced for the German market. The prices for the Europe will probably not deviate much from this.

  • Mobile Table Lamp with handle and dual-zone light (€89.99)
  • Pole floor lamp, including button (€ 129.99)
  • Portable Button (€29.99)
  • Ceiling lamp Rune (€ 139.99)
  • Ceiling lamp Super Slim (43 cm: €99.99, 55 cm: 149.99)
  • Imageo spots (round: €119.99, square: €149.99)
  • Linear Bar (€49.99)

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