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With these features you also make your toilet smarter

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Make your toilet smarter: If you still want to make your house smarter and are busy with the renovation, then the toilet should of course not be missing. But what exactly is a smart toilet?

If you still want to make your house smarter and are busy with the renovation, then the toilet should of course not be missing. Although smart toilets cannot often communicate with your smartphone or tablet (or other devices), they are getting smarter. Above all, they make your life – in the toilet – a lot more comfortable and easier. There are already many smart toilets on the market, and most of them use the same smart features.

Make your toilet smarter for your smart home

You’ve probably seen it in movies before; the smart toilet. But what exactly does that mean? First of all, pulling it through by hand is a thing of the past. The toilet of the ‘future’ continues without you having to perform an action. The sensor sees whether you are still standing in front of the toilet or sitting on it, and then activates the flushing mechanism. There is also a type of sensor that registers a hand movement, but that may be less useful for households where transit is often forgotten. However, both sensors have the advantage that no bacteria are spread by physically flushing the toilet.

make your toilet smarter

Another and very welcome feature of the smart toilet is the heated toilet seat. For both men and women, a cold toilet seat is always something that makes the toilet experience less. Smart toilets heat the seat so that you can always sit comfortably. And, if you then have to sit down for a big message, you want to make sure the pot doesn’t overflow. Smart toilets nowadays therefore come with extra security. Take the Delta Brevard with FlushIQ Technology for example. This system checks if the toilet is clogged and stops flushing if a problem is detected. This keeps the water in the pot always.

An important part of the smart toilet is of course water savings. After all, we also want to be good for the environment. In many cases, smart toilets save water but, on the other hand, need electricity to function. Sensors determine how much water is needed to flush, so you never use too much water. A smart toilet quickly uses 60 percent less water than a standard toilet.

More features for a smart toilet

There are many more features that make a toilet smart, and you can make it as crazy as you want. Of course, this depends on your wishes and especially your budget. You can also choose an air dryer in the toilet bowl, a massage jet in the bowl, a bidet with massage option, a foot warmer, a remote control for the toilet, self-cleaning functions, an automatic air freshener, an emergency light, a toilet seat that automatically rises or down, and even Bluetooth functionality so you can always listen to your favorite music.