Wireless speaker system Technics Ottava S SC-C50 announced

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Technics has announced the Technics Ottava S SC-C50 at the High-End Munich trade fair. This is a wireless speaker system. The Ottava S SC-C50 is equipped with acoustic technologies that produce clear sound over a remarkably broad spectrum and has a compact size.

This is the Technics Ottava S SC-C50

Today, Technics unveils the High- End Audio Show in Munich the new Ottawa S SC-C50, a wireless speaker system. The system is equipped with acoustic technologies that produce a clear sound over a remarkably broad spectrum and has a compact format. Thanks to the applied space calibration technology, the device can be placed at any desired location, as promised by the manufacturer, so that people can enjoy music optimally anywhere in the house. It is also compatible with streaming services.

It also has voice control and various music sources can be connected to it. Four JENO engines developed by Technics must deliver optimum performance through a setup with a subwoofer, midrange drivers and tweeters. With the help of Space Tune, the sound can be perfectly adjusted, according to Technics, and the space can be optimally filled with sound, tailored to the specific listening environment. The Ottawa S SC-C50 also has the function LAPC, a technology developed by Technics.

The loudspeaker load can be adjusted with the technology. LAPC measures the characteristics of the frequency amplitude phase of the amplifier with the speakers connected to the unit, and performs a digital signal processing to enable an ideal impulse response. Parameters optimized for the load characteristics of low and high frequency speakers are programmed in the LAPC calculation circuit to produce ideal frequency and phase characteristics across the entire frequency range.

There are three midrange drivers, three tweeters, in the curved cabinet. and one subwoofer. The left and right-facing loudspeakers and a central loudspeaker together have to produce a rich stereo sound. For the midrange drivers and tweeters, a horn with Directivity Control has been chosen. This prevents interference between the speakers, enabling a wide directional sensitivity. The coaxial midrange driver and tweeter construction provides vertical directional sensitivity with less frequency disturbance through the housing.

Three 1.6 cm tweeters produce a hi-res sound of up to 50 kHz. These are combined with a forward-facing long-stroke subwoofer of 12 cm and a straight, long gate with a large diameter. The total of 7 units in the rigid glass fiber housing produce a powerful sound from the 3.1-channel amplifier. In addition, Google Chromecast is built in, the device works with Google Assistant and you have access to optical, analog and USB connections, in addition to bluetooth, streaming services and network playback.