Windows 10: Next update improves bluetooth audio and more

Windows 10: Next update will bring a major audio update in the form of support for aac format audio (advanced audio coding).

Later this year, in the fall, the next major update for Windows 10 will be released. The update will bring a major audio update in the form of support for aac (advanced audio coding). This gives users of the operating system more options when it comes to choosing one headphones.

Windows 10: Next update to Windows 10

To date, the platform supports sbc and aptX via bluetooth. In addition, Microsoft also takes a different approach in terms of output. At the moment, you sometimes see multiple profiles for the same devices in the list of available bluetooth endpoints (paired devices).

This creates the necessary confusion, as some devices are therefore doubly represented. After the update, Windows 10 will simply see paired devices as one device and the system will automatically select the correct profile when you click on that device.

It seems that the next big update for Windows 10 becomes an important one. In addition to the improvements in the field of bluetooth audio, the company previously announced that it would tackle another irritation.

When you connect an external monitor to a convertible or laptop that then goes deep into sleep mode, this causes problems for app icons that were present on that external monitor. These are then automatically moved to the laptop screen, so you regularly had to rearrange your app icons on the desktop.