Wilson Audio Sasha V Speakers introduces

In line with its unwavering commitment to "Excellence in All Things", Newly Wilson Audio Sasha V Speakers introduces.

Wilson Audio Sasha V Speakers

In line with its unwavering commitment to “Excellence in All Things” that reinforces its motto “Authentic Excellence,” the prestigious American firm Wilson Audio has just launched the third decline of its celebrated model Sashaof which a special version was later marketed, the Sasha DAW, in honor of the sadly deceased David andrew wilson. Named Sasha V, this new and relatively compact loudspeaker, an absolute reference and an unmistakable visual identity, is based on a 3-way/4-speaker bass-reflex configuration comprising two independent adjustable modules. It combines the essence of its predecessors with some of the key engineering elements of its older sisters (Alexx V and Alexia V), in turn, the result of the revolutionary technical innovations incorporated into the monumental Chronosonic XVX. The first of the aforementioned elements is the Convergent Synergy Carbon tweeter (CSC) with the posterior chamber, the latter built entirely with a 3D printer whose thoughtful integration with the midrange and woofer drivers has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the overall sound quality of the Sasha V.

The second notable technical aspect of the new Wilson Audio is the 178mm midrange driver (7”) Quadra Mag with AlNiCo magnetic motor (Aluminium-Nickel-Cobalt), which allows to reveal with extreme naturalness the dimensionality of the sound scene in the range of frequencies to which the human ear is most sensitive. Another fundamental aspect of the Sasha V is, as always in the Provo (Utah) brand, the sophistication of materials employees in constructing the enclosure. Thus, the front panel of the upper block (treble and midrange) combines, in a refined mix, the Advanced Material-S from the US company with other components to form a highly stable, low-resonance mating surface for the midrange transducer. Also, it has been incorporated Material-V at strategic points at the critical interface between the mid/high module and the upper bass module to take vibration control to new heights of excellence, which is why it is used in adjustable decoupling tips Acoustic Diodes of the brand that supports the entire set.

For its part, the side panels of the box that houses the woofers are made of Material-X solid with the particularity that its thickness is 25% higher than that used in the Sasha and Sasha 2. This material can also be found in the internal reinforcements of both the upper and lower modules. As for the decoupling tips that appear in the front area of ​​the midrange/treble subsystem, they provide additional adjustment positions that the previous Sasha lacked, obtaining greater precision in the temporary alignment (response in phase) and a greater flexibility of adaptation as far as listening positions are concerned. The Sasha V includes vast improvements in the field of hardware, in the case of custom-made connection terminals for Wilson Audio, mounting plate for trim resistors (made of carbon fiber), cable V-Wire used in the internal connections or the RelCap capacitors with AudioCapX-WA copper strips of the filter circuitry, the latter executed entirely by hand with point-to-point wiring. The Sasha V is completed with a Construction that borders on perfection and a great repertoire of finishes (with the possibility of customization).

Technical characteristics

  • An absolute reference is a floor-standing loudspeaker.
  • Equipped with innovations from the Alexx V and Alexia V models.
  • Made up of two independent modules (mid/high and low).
  • 3-way/4-speaker bass-reflex configuration.
  • Convergent Synergy Tweeter (CSC) with the rear chamber.
  • QuadraMag midrange driver with AlNiCo magnetic motor.
  • Use of Material-V in the interface between the upper and lower modules.
  • Bass cabinet with Material-X side panels.
  • The front panel of the upper module is made of Material-V.
  • Internal reinforcements of Material-X in the upper and lower modules.
  • Handmade crossover filter with a point-to-point connection.
  • Easily accessible adjustment resistors on the rear panel.
  • Adjustable time alignment via displacement of the upper module.
  • Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes Adjustable Decoupling Tips.
  • Frequency response of 20-32,000 Hz, +/-3 dB.
  • 4-ohm nominal impedance (2.36-ohm minimum at 82 Hz).
  • Sensitivity of 88 dB/W/m.
  • Associated amplifier power: minimum 25 W RMS per channel.
  • Dimensions: 368’3×1.144’8(without points)x582’6 mm (W x H x D).
  • Net weight: 111’13 kg.