Wilson Audio Alexx V adaptable design loudspeakers

Wilson Audio Alexx V are an extraordinarily adaptable design loudspeakers with lots of qualities that make it a serious contender for any music lover

Presented in society in 2016, the acoustic box Alexx quickly became an indisputable reference for lovers of absolute sound, as a result of an engineering that directly benefited from several of the extraordinary technological innovations developed by David A. Wilson (the remembered founder of Wilson Audio) and his R&D team during the development of his masterpiece: the sensational WAMM Master Chronosonic column. During the five years since then, the legendary American firm has marketed such significant models as the Chronosonic XVX or the SabrinaX, which entails both new technologies and improvements to existing ones, to the point of pushing the team directed for Daryl Wilson (son of David A. Wilson and number one of Wilson Audio) to review the Alexx in depth. The result was the Alexx V, a product in which the accumulation of innovative innovations is such that it can be said that it has been conceived practically from scratch.

Hence, it can be said that the market launch of this new model represents a cumulative approach to loudspeaker design, something that Wilson Audio It has been doing it uninterruptedly since its founder developed the legendary WATT monitor. Endowed with the unmistakable aesthetic gantry used for the first time in the aforementioned WAMM Master Chronosonic, the Alexx V it’s an acoustic box prodigious in each and every one of its constituent elements, from the materials used in the different enclosures to the transducers mounted in them and the corresponding adjustment structures to optimize the response in phase, all in the context of a exceptional build quality. Perhaps the best way to understand the scope of the work carried out to fine-tune the Alexx V is by reviewing the most significant improvements that it incorporates with respect to its predecessor, from which it inherits a basic configuration embodied in a 3-way and 5-speaker system. organized in 4 independent adjustable cabinets (1 hermetic for the tweeter, 2 bass-reflex for the mid zone and 1 bass-reflex with reversible XLF front / rear port for the bass).

The first of the aforementioned improvements is found in the combination of materials employee, all of them exclusive to Wilson Audio, which makes the Alexx V in an extraordinarily neutral platform in mechanical acoustic terms and therefore ideal for all the energy that reaches the speakers to be converted into sound. Thus, both the bass enclosure and the upper modules and the portico are built in Material XWhile Material S is tightly coupled to each of the media enclosures to further “neutralize” its surface. To these materials is added the newest Material V, used for the first time in the Chronosonic XVX and that in the Alexx V it is placed in such a strategic location as the “interface” between the bass module and the gantry to increase the control of vibrations. Material V can also be found (in this case combined with the aforementioned materials X and S, austenitic stainless steel, carbon fiber and aerospace grade aluminum) in another exclusivity of the new Wilson Audio: the decoupling point system Acoustic Diode, which not only guarantees an extraordinarily effective evacuation of unwanted vibrational energy, but also contributes to enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the whole.

Another key element of the Alexx V is found in the advantages provided by the open nature of its portico architecture, which in addition to enhancing your physical appearance allows increase stiffness of the entire section formed by the upper modules. On the other hand, the greater ease of access to said section and the vane lighting arranged in the rear area of ​​the gantry help to carry out more quickly both the basic configuration of each module and the fine adjustments of the phase response. The second revolution contributed by the Alexx V is found in the transducers, highlighting in the first place the arrangement of the tweeter and the two midrange speakers in the proven MTM geometry (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) by Wilson Audio. Specifically, the tweeter is a next-generation version of the brand’s exclusive Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC), while the largest of the midrange drivers (177’8mm / 7 ”) is the sophisticated Alnico QuadraMag, also exclusive to the American firm and originally developed for the Chronosonic XVX. For its part, bass section is embodied in two hardened pulp cone transducers mounted in an enclosure equipped with one of the reversible XLF ports of Wilson Audio to optimize integration in the listening room. The Alexx V is completed with a filtering circuitry improved – with fewer components in the audio signal path – in which the new capacitors are widely used AudioCapX-WA tailor-made for Wilson Audio, as well as the innovative and versatile connection terminals first used in the Sasha DAW.

Technical characteristics

  • Absolute reference 3-way / 5-speaker loudspeaker.
  • Separate bass-reflex enclosures for the bass and midrange speakers.
  • Wilson Audio XLF reversible bass-reflex port bass module.
  • Convergent Synergy Carbon (SCS) tweeter mounted in a hermetic enclosure.
  • Adjustable modular structure to optimize phase response.
  • Exclusive Wilson Audio QuadraMag Lower Midrange Speaker.
  • Construction in Wilson Audio’s exclusive X, S and V materials.
  • Exclusive Wilson Audio AudioCapX-WA filter capacitors.
  • User adjustable passive crossover filter.
  • Wilson Audio exclusive Acoustic Diode decoupling tips.
  • Dedicated lighting to facilitate adjustments in the upper module.
  • 20-32,000 Hz frequency response, +/- 3 dB.
  • 92 dB / W / m sensitivity.
  • Nominal impedance of 4 ohms and minimum of 2 ohms.
  • Dimensions: 400’1 × 1,610 (without decoupling points) x708’8 mm (W x H x D).
  • Weight: 226’80 kg.