Wilson Audio Alexx V: Floorstanding legend Loudspeaker

Wilson Audio Alexx V launched. The Floorstanding legend adoptable Loudspeaker are available for the price of 158,000 euros

Wilson Audio Alexx V: Word has got around in the scene that Wilson Audio doesn’t do things by halves: The converters from the US manufacturer rightly enjoy cult status – not only because of the sometimes quite ambitious prices, but above all in terms of conceptual, tonal and craftsmanship . The revised new edition of the Wilson Audio Alexx is no exception.

Wilson Audio Alexx V: Concept and Technology

The original Alexx speaker hit the market in 2016. Now, five years later, the Wilson Alexx V is a completely overhauled model in almost all areas. A total of eleven central elements of the loudspeaker have been revised – a complete list of all innovations would be beyond the scope of this news item, so here are a few examples as a selection.

In addition to a comprehensive revision of the Housing to improve vibration damping there are some new ones driver as well as crossover capacitors are used. Behind the midrange drivers were Wave diffusers milled in to increase the resolution of the driver and to drastically reduce the settling time.

Floorstanding loudspeakers Wilson Audio Alexx V from all sides

A new cable management system with illuminated cross beam not only ensures a tidier visual impression, but also makes it easier to align the drivers. The spike system has also been revised so that the speakers are even better decoupled from the floor. Where necessary, electrical connection points have been refined with gold-plated contacts, for example at important points on the crossover or the contact points on the connection plate.

The new Alexx V comes with two bass drivers of different sizes, two mid-range speakers with different dimensions and a dome tweeter. The 160 centimeter high, 40 centimeter wide and 70 centimeter deep loudspeaker delivers full 226.8 kilograms on the scales (per piece, of course) and should play in a frequency range of 20 Hertz to 32 kilohertz with a maximum deviation of 3 dB. The sensitivity is given as 92 dB / W / m. The Wilson Audio Alexx V are available now.

Wilson Audio Alexx V price: 158,000 euros