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Whirlpool uses Innit recipes on WiFi ovens

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Whirlpool uses Innit recipes on WiFi ovens

Whirlpool uses Innit recipes : Whirlpool’s Jenn-Air line, ovens with a WiFi connection, now also offers support for the smart recipes of the Innit service. This gives you access to recipes and cooking tips, directly from the oven in the kitchen.

Whirlpool uses Innit recipes on WiFi ovens

Getting recipes and other cooking tips directly from the equipment in your kitchen is a new trend for the smart kitchen of your smart home and manufacturer Whirlpool is also happily participating in this. The company has announced that the Jenn-Air line can now also offer recipes from the Innit service, directly from the WiFi oven. The recipes can be personalized to your own taste, which you can also set on your smartphone or tablet. The app on the oven helps measure and weigh everything you need.

Innit’s recipes can not only be tailored to your taste, but also to a diet that you follow. So you don’t have to think long whether something fits within your schedule or not, because Innit ensures that it fits. You will receive step-by-step instructions from your WiFi oven, so that the dishes always taste good. And if the oven is too far from where you cut the vegetables, for example, you can also use the app on smart devices, for example on your smartphone or tablet. Next year, Whirlpool plans to introduce the ovens.

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