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Which speakers match my AV receiver?

Which speakers match my AV receiver?
Which speakers match my AV receiver? Because this is a frequently asked but difficult question, we will try to give a general answer in this article.
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Since the launch of our question and answer section, we have seen many questions about purchasing, connecting and setting up a home cinema system every day. One question that we have often been asked recently is speakers match my AV receiver?  Which speakers are best for a specific receiver? Because this is a frequently asked but difficult question, I will try to give a general answer in this article.

Since the start of this website, we have been advising people on the purchase and furnishing of a home cinema system. Fortunately, we see more and more consumers opting for a system consisting of separate components. This means that the different devices are bought separately. A separate receiver, separate speakers and a separate Blu-ray player, for example. Do you want to know why this is the most sensible choice? Then read our article about the pros and cons of an all-in-one home cinema system .

If you are looking for a home cinema system that consists of separate components, you will be faced with various choices. You probably already have a list of wishes and requirements for all devices and you may already have a budget. However, the most difficult choice is often which speakers you should purchase with the receiver you have chosen. You have speakers of all shapes and sizes, from hundreds of different brands and from hundreds to thousands of euros.

Audio is personal

The reason why it is difficult for us to answer the question of speakers match my AV receiver has to do with the fact that audio is very personal. A speaker has its own timbre and the receiver also has its own characteristics in terms of sound. Combine these two components and you get a certain audio reproduction again, which you like or not. It is therefore virtually impossible to ask someone which speakers suit your receiver best, unless that person has experience with that receiver and different speakers that are combined with that receiver.

The speakers

Still, we can help you on your way. Although the specifications of the loudspeaker too often receive too much attention, you can narrow your selection with this. Read our article with the most important specifications of loudspeakers to at least know what you should and should not pay attention to. 

Which speakers match my AV receiver?

The receiver

But, it is also possible that you already know which speakers you want and therefore have more trouble choosing the right AV receiver. These components also come in many shapes and sizes, and are available for almost every budget. If you want to know more about a receiver, you can visit our article about what an AV receiver is exactly . If you have read yourself in there are a number of things that you should take into account before taking the plunge. For this you can go to our article about what to look for when buying an AV receiver .

Go listen

I hope this information has helped you a little further so that you can combine the right speakers with the right receiver. However, the last and perhaps the most important piece of advice is to listen. Go to a HiFi store and get advice here, but also let them hear you things. This is the only way to get enough information and experience to make the right choice. Do you already have a receiver? Then make an appointment at a HiFi store, take your receiver with you and let them combine different speakers with your receiver. Listening is the only real way to pair the right speakers with the right receiver.

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