WhatsApp: 24 hours option: delete messages automatically after 24 hours

WhatsApp: 24 hours option: Whatsapp offered under this service that your messages will delete automatically after 24 hours

WhatsApp: 24 hours option:  WhatsApp previously introduced the option to delete messages yourself. If you regret a statement or if you type a message to the wrong person, you already have the option to delete it manually or choose to automatically delete it after seven days. About the function with messages that delete themselves was already mentioned earlier spoken. However, the feature that makes messages deleted faster seems to be actually coming now, so late know.

WhatsApp: 24 hours option

The new function is called the ’24 hours option ‘and is now fully tested. At this point, there is already an option to make messages disappear in group chats after seven days. When you click on the 3 dots in a group chat and then choose group information, you will see ‘Messages with expiry date’ in the next window. You can turn this on, after which messages will disappear after seven days. This is not only possible with group chats, but also with one-on-one conversations when you click on ‘View contact’. This option of seven days will not disappear. There will soon be a new option to opt for 24 hours instead of seven days. A message or photo will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. It is not yet known when the new function will appear in WhatsApp.