What you can expect from Google I/O: Android 13 and Pixel Watch

What you can expect from Google I/O: Android 13 and Pixel Watch. This article will describe all three briefly.

It’s that time again tomorrow night. Google holds the annual Google I/O developer conference that invariably starts with a keynote. During this keynote, Google will show you what you can expect from the company in the coming period. Of course, nothing is certain at the moment, but based on the rumors, showing Android 13 seems to be a certainty. The latest version of Android will undoubtedly be shown tomorrow night, but what else can we expect?

Pixel Watch and Pixel 6a

Google also seems to be showing a new smartwatch tomorrow evening. Last year there were even rumors around about Google’s own smartwatch. The new Pixel Watch must of course run on WearOS, which Google has invested a lot of time in lately. For example, Google worked with Samsung on the third version of the operating system for the smart watch. And since it too Fitbit has taken over it’s only a matter of time before Google wants to compete with Apple with proprietary hardware.

In addition to the Pixel Watch, a cheaper version of the Pixel 6 smartphone also seems very possible. Last year the appeared Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Just as a more affordable Pixel 5a appeared after the Pixel 5, that seems to be the case now if we are to believe the rumors. In appearance, the device looks identical to the Pixel 6, so we are very curious about the other hardware and the price.

What else might Google announce?

What about the smart home side? It still seems too early for new Google Home speakers, but Google will probably pay full attention to the improvements around the Google Assistant. We may get to see new Pixel Buds, Google’s wireless earbuds. Want to check out the announcements at Google I/O for yourself? Then turn on tomorrow evening May 11th at 19.00 pm on YouTube or via the Google I/O website