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What kind of smart home products are there?

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Smart home products come in all shapes and sizes. In these articles we categorize the products and give examples, so that you know what to expect from them.

smart home products – Bathroom

In a smart home in the future you will find technology in the craziest places, so the bathroom cannot escape it either. This is already possible with a simple product such as a hand soap pump with a sensor that knows when a hand asks for soap. Another thing with sensors could be, for example, the toilet , which automatically flushes when you’re done. You could also use gestures to raise and lower the glasses, so that you no longer have to touch them. And if you want to drive it completely crazy: they sometimes also have Bluetooth speakers …

There are also handy devices for the shower, such as a Bluetooth speaker that you can turn in the head of your shower head. Or the shower heads that can show by means of colorful LED lights when the water is warm enough (which do not require batteries and work on the movement of the water). Toothbrushes, scales and more everyday devices are also getting smarter, by being able to tell us more about our body – which we can (possibly) do something with afterwards, in terms of food and exercise.

smart home products – Controls and apps

The word ‘operation’ can be used very broadly in the smart home. It can be a smart remote control for your television, which can also control your audio equipment (such as the Neeo Universal Remote ), but also remotes with which you can operate other devices or even your blinds . There are also apps with which you can control your entire smart home and specific applications for a specific product (which you see a lot with HomeKit from Apple ). Work is even already being done on a holographic assistant . There are also central hubs in TVs .

smart home products  – Image, sound and home network

The role of the television in the home of the future can become just as important as the role of the smartphone or tablet. Because whether you control the devices in the house or look at the statistics of a device on a television or a smartphone screen, does not matter to the house itself. It is just what you prefer: operating a large screen with a remote control or operating a smaller screen with your finger. As you could already read above, Samsung is planning to make the TV the focal point of the smart home.


One of the biggest advantages of the smart home is the insight into your energy consumption. There are already thermostats that can show where things are going wrong and where things are going well and in the future that information will only become more specific. The intention is also that all appliances in the house use energy more efficiently. Nevertheless, it can be useful to keep an eye on the news about solar panels, since they provide your home with energy not only smartly, but also very green.


By household appliances we mean the appliances that we use at home on a daily or weekly basis. This can be, for example, a smart vacuum cleaner that can be operated from a distance. But also items for the kitchen , such as ovens and refrigerators (and for some people also washing machines). Even coffee makers, kettles and pans are nowadays provided with a smart label. These devices could become one of the biggest investments for the smart home, because the category is so broad.

Sensors and safety

Sensors will be the next major expense. You can place them anywhere in the house with all kinds of different purposes. For example, your garage door can open automatically when you arrive, a door can be unlocked when you are standing in front of it or the light can switch on when you enter a room. But the sensors are of course also useful to outsmart thieves by placing motion sensors that can measure movements at times when that usually does not happen (at night) or when you are away.

Bedroom and lighting

Smart home products found in the bedroom will include lamps, curtains and personal assistants. You can control curtains and the like from an app with your voice or via a touchscreen, from your smartphone. The same goes for your lamps. The personal assistant can help you set an alarm clock, tell the time and play music, for example – and if that assistant is completely smart, it can do a lot more (such as ordering food or perhaps closing the curtains and to open).

Such a smart assistant can be, for example, the Amazon Echo. In addition to the examples above, the Echo can also control your lights and even create a shopping list. Other smart home products that you can find in the bedroom are smart mattresses (which can provide insight into the way you sleep with all kinds of sensors) or devices that both help you to sleep (with some background noise and red colors) and wake you up. (with different colors and soft, pleasant sounds in the background).

Garden and Patio

Not only can your home be made smarter, your garden could use some automation. For example, you can install a system that tells you how much water your plants still need, based on the weather forecast, for example, and knows when the soil is too dry. The system can also ensure that the sprinklers in the garden are switched on automatically when the ground is too dry and do not switch on when it has rained all day, for example. This gives you more time to enjoy your beautiful, blooming garden.

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