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What is Smart TV?

This article will explain everything about Smart TV and its function which you should be aware of
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What is Smart TV ? A question that we get daily and to which the answer is fairly simple. A Smart TV is really just a TV that you can connect to the internet and that gives you access to interaction with the TV and online content. Incidentally, the name or term ‘Smart TV’ is not used by all manufacturers. For example, Sony calls its TVs ‘Internet TVs’ and Panasonic uses the name ‘Viera Connect’. The point is that the TV is connected to the internet and therefore offers additional functionalities as described below.

What is Smart TV ? Connectivity

The various connectivity options within your (WiFi) home network are also considered part of the its function. For example, with a Smart TV you can stream (wirelessly send) content from, for example, a PC or tablet to your TV. It’s very simple and requires purely a home network. In addition, with some Smart TVs it is possible to operate the TV with certain smartphones or tablets. With Smart TV from Panasonic and Samsung, among others, you can even display the content you watch on TV on your tablet while you go to the toilet. In short, the TV becomes a lot more extensive with the its function and a real center of your home network.


An important part of a ‘smart’ TV are the applications. Manufacturers have set up their own application store for the latest generation of this type of TVs where you can download various applications (programs). See your TV as a kind of computer in that respect. You download an application (paid or free) and it is installed on your TV. Consider, for example, applications such as YouTube, Video on Demand services , Twitter and Facebook, games, news and weather reports, entertainment, etc.

Surfing the Internet

A great feature of this technology is (in 90 percent of the cases) the built-in web browser. It may not be as convenient as a PC in terms of operation – although TV manufacturers can also supply accessories such as keyboards, etc. – but it gives you more options when you sit in front of your TV. In principle you can visit all websites that you also visit from behind your PC.

Picture in Picture

The better Smart TVs also offer a Picture in Picture mode for certain applications. This way you can give your opinion on Twitter while watching a football match live. The Twitter screen will then be displayed over the image (on the side) of the match. This way you can stay up to date with all your social media and share your experiences.

‘Smart Blu-ray players’

Here function is not only found on TVs. There are also Blu-ray players of the larger brands that have the Smart TV portal with which you can download applications or surf the internet. You do not necessarily have to purchase a new TV to use the Smart TV functions.