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What is and can a smart oven or a smart stove be?

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In this article we explain what a smart oven or a smart stove is capable of and what you can do with it. Preparing food becomes a lot easier.

More and more companies are entering the market with household appliances that are equipped with the necessary technology so that they can be called smart. A number of these appliances can be found in the kitchen. We follow the developments closely and has listed what a smart oven and a smart stove are capable of up to now. In doing so, it must be taken into account that the development of these smart home products is still in its infancy. These products will certainly be further developed in the future.

Ovens and stoves are for sale in 2016 in all shapes and sizes. Nowadays, however, you can also choose to take an oven or stove where you can have it connected to the WiFi network. That option immediately brings a lot of new functions with the device, although they differ considerably per model number and per brand. How about having your oven or stove preheated from now on, while you are on your way home. With smart ovens or stoves from certain brands, this is already possible in 2016.


One of the companies that is dedicated to making household appliances smart is Samsung. The company has already included a smart oven in its range. Recently, you can also buy smart stoves from Samsung via Amazon, for example.

Smart oven Samsung

Samsung currently has a Wi-Fi oven in its range in the United Kingdom. It is a device that can be purchased for £ 1200 and benefits from the necessary smart functions. By using the accompanying app you can operate and keep an eye on your oven. The settings are easy to change and you can set that you want to receive notifications if your device is preheated, for example. You can also download recipes from chefs with restaurants with three Michelin stars directly from the app. Another handy thing about the oven is that eighty recipes are pre-installed. For example, you can tick what you want to prepare on the LCD screen and the oven will show you exactly what needs to be done. A child can do the laundry, so… Or of course prepare the food. It is also possible to look up a recipe on your smartphone or tablet and send it to the oven. This way the oven knows exactly what temperature to maintain and how long it has to operate.

Smart cooker Samsung

During CES 2016, Samsung presented a brand new stove. The stove can be connected to Wi-Fi, after which you can use a number of smart functions. From that moment you can indicate from your smartphone or tablet how hot the smart oven should be and how long it should work. Under the heading cooktop you can also see exactly which burner you have on and which is not. You can also switch the device on and off via the app and set timers and alerts. So if you ever go out and wonder whether you had turned off all the pits, you can easily view it from now on via the accompanying app.

Smart stoves and ovens from GE Appliances

One of the companies that has also focused on bringing smart stoves and ovens to market is GE Appliances. Due to the fact that the devices can be connected to WiFi, you are able to control your stove and oven wherever you want. You can also turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control. For example, you can install the accompanying GE Kitchen app, after which you can preheat your smart oven while you are not even at home. You can also set alarms from your smartphone or tablet. You can also change the temperature. The cheapest smart oven GE Appliances has in its range at the time of writing is $ 2,100.

IFTTT with GE Appliaces

The ovens and stoves from GE Appliances can also flawlessly use If This Then That (IFTTT). That way you can provide your devices with even more smart functions. For example, you could choose to have the smart oven work together with the Philips Hue Lights. Once the oven has finished cooking, the lights can be activated automatically. You can also have it work together with a smart smoke alarm. If it then detects smoke, the oven can be switched off automatically.


LG already came on the market a few years ago with smart stoves and ovens. For example, via the LG app you can seamlessly keep an eye on how long it will take before your food is ready and you can set that you want to receive a notification if that is the case. You can also search for recipes via the app and send them to the smart device. If you ever have problems with the device, you can use the smart diagnosis. You only have to hold your smartphone against the oven or stove and then you will see exactly what is wrong with the oven and you will see the steps you need to follow to solve it.

In certain countries, LG’s smart devices also work in conjunction with the LG HomeChat app. For example, while typing you can ask whether everything is going well with the connected smart products and you will then receive a response in which you can read exactly how things are going. You can also ask via the LG HomeChat to recommend a recipe for dessert, for example. You will then receive a number of suggestions. As soon as you have made a choice, you will receive an ingredients list. Very handy even if you are, for example, in a supermarket. The HomeChat, in turn, can communicate with Nest. In this way it becomes one large smart network and you can, for example, be warned if you leave the house while the smart oven or stove is still on.


Whirlpool is still busy expanding the possibilities for its smart stoves and smart ovens. At the moment, the company has already entered the market with a smart oven and will soon also come up with a smart stove. You can go in all directions with the smart Jenn-Air oven. With the accompanying app you can now operate your oven from anywhere in the world. For example, you can indicate exactly what you want to prepare, whether it should be prepared ‘light, medium or dark’ and you can indicate which accessories you use (for example a pizza stone or a normal plate). The oven then calculates how hot it should be and how long it takes for your food to be ready. You can also recently use recipes from the Innit service with your Jenn-Air oven. This makes cooking easier and easier.

Future of smart stoves and ovens

In the future we will undoubtedly see even more developments in the field of smart stoves and smart ovens. In America, for example, they are currently working on June Intelligent Oven. A device that recognizes with its HD camera what kind of food has been placed in the oven. Also, the oven can weigh the placed food and recommend the ideal program for that food. Because of the camera you can also keep an eye on the food from your smartphone. It is therefore clear that this development is by no means standing still. Another point to keep in mind is that the functions can sometimes differ per model number. It is therefore very important to always read carefully before you run off with a smart product.