Wharfedale DX-3 Home Theater Speakers

Introducing Wharfedale DX-3 Home Theater Speakers- he Wharfedale system DX-2 has just undergone an ambitious update in the form of the DX-3.

Wharfedale DX-3 Home Theater Speaker Set

After receiving for no less than five consecutive years the award for “Best Set of Speaker Boxes Priced Under 500 Pounds Sterling” (just under €600), the Wharfedale system DX-2 has just undergone an ambitious update in the form of the DX-3. Compact, stylish, and extraordinarily affordable, this new “pack” of speakers for Home Theater has first been aesthetically remodeled with a design close to that of the brand’s celebrated Diamond 12 Series, with slimmer enclosures but also equipped control of resonances and superior dynamic performance.

Like the DX-2, the DX-3 consists of four front and rear satellites, a compact center speaker, and an active subwoofer tuned for seamless integration with the front and rear speakers. Redesigned to offer more refined sound performance, the satellites mount a silk dome tweeter and a “mid-woofer” with a polypropylene-based cone, whose acoustic properties are similar to those of the speakers in the previously mentioned Diamond 12 Series. For its part, the extension of the bass response is entrusted to the 203 mm diameter woofer incorporated into the system’s subwoofer, capable of large displacements without distortion. It has a structure very similar to the popular Wharfedale model WH-D8.

Driven by a 70-watt continuous amplifier capable of delivering 150-watt peaks, the transducer enables the DX-3 to meet the high demands of modern film bands for low-end dynamics and depth. Thanks to all this, the result of the years of experience and the mastery of audio technology behind the development of the DX-3, this new set of speakers (which can be expanded to more channels as the satellites are available in 2.0 configurations and 5.0) becomes an ideal proposal for those looking to save space and budget without sacrificing any of the excitement of Home Cinema.

Technical characteristics

  • 5.1 speaker system with exceptional quality/price ratio.
  • Consisting of 4 satellites, 1 central speaker, and 1 active subwoofer.
  • 2-way satellites/2 speakers exclusive to Wharfedale.
  • Exclusive Wharfedale 2-way/3-speaker center speaker.
  • Sensitivity of the central box satellites: 86 dB/W/m – 87 dB/W/m.
  • Nominal/minimum impedance of the satellites-central box: 4 – 3.6 ohms.
  • Amplification power: 20-100 W for satellites – 30-100 W for the central box.
  • Internal subwoofer amplifier power: 70 W RMS (150 W peak).
  • Subwoofer with stereo and LFE line inputs.
  • Satellites are available in 2.0 and 5.0 “packs” to expand the system.
  • Frequency response of the set: 40-22,000 Hz, +/-3 dB.
  • Satellite dimensions/weight: 120x190x122 mm (W x H x D)/2 kg.
  • Dimensions/weight of the central box: 310x120x122 mm (W x H x D)/2.7 kg.
  • Subwoofer dimensions/weight: 268x298x300 mm (W x H x D) 7.8 kg.