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watchOS 7.3 and tvOS 14.4 download: this is new

Apple offers an update for its wearables operating systems and tvOS, Update watchOS 7.3 and tvOS 14.4 presents some new features to its users.
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Apple launched an update to its iOS 14 recently. In addition to the update for iOS you can now also expect updates for your Apple Watch and Apple TV. Modern devices can download watchOS 7.3 and tvOS 14.4. Before you can update your Apple Watch, it is important that your iPhone is completely up to date. Then open the dedicated Watch app and go to the option for software updates via the general settings.

watchOS 7.3 available now

watchOS 7.3 adds, among other things, a special running feature for Apple Fitness + subscribers. You can then listen to inspiring stories while walking. Those stories come from artists, athletes and other famous and influential people. Each episode lasts about 25 to 40 minutes, so you can take a great walk.

In addition, more countries will have access to the ECG functionality of the Apple Watch. This particularly concerns Asian countries, such as Japan. A new Unity Watch Face is also available, in black, red and green. The shapes in which the colors are presented change during the day as you move. You can also choose an option with the colors black, red, green and yellow or black and gray.

Update for tvOS

Although a fresh update is also available for the tvOS, it is unfortunately not clear what exactly has changed. No new features were discovered during the beta period, and now Apple isn’t disclosing anything else. Mostly this involves performance improvements and bug fixes with minor updates, so that will be the case again now.

If you want to download the update for your Apple TV, you can do that by going to Settings> System> Software updates. There the media player will manually check whether new software is available. If you have not yet received the update, do not worry: you may have to wait a little longer.

You can also just do nothing and let the media player do the work itself, because tvOS 14.4 can be downloaded automatically. When the next version will come, has unfortunately not yet been announced by Apple.

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