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So you watch the World Cup 2018 in 4K Ultra HD and HDR

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On 14 June, the World Cup in Russia starts, and the beauty is that this World Championship is recorded and broadcast World Cup 2018 in 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR. Now you may already have a premium LCD or OLED television with support for 4K Ultra HD and HDR at home, but how can you watch the 2018 World Cup in the highest quality? We will put it together for you.

Special NPO 1 channel for the World Cup 2018

During the World Cup in Russia a special version of NPO 1 will be made available to all Dutch providers. Depending on whether these providers support and want to pass on the channel, subscribers can then watch the World Cup in the high 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR ( high dynamic range). These are providers that provide content via the cable, satellite and IPTV

Hardware support

Besides the fact that the provider to which you must be connected must facilitate the transfer also your hardware 4K Ultra HD (and HDR) support. This means that the KPN set-top box must be able to process the signal. If you have a smart card, you only need support in the TV itself, provided that the provider naturally supports Ultra HD and HDR transfer via the smart card. Not only the set-top box should support the high resolution and HDR, also the television or beamer on which the World Cup is shown. In the field of HDR, support for hybrid log gamma (HLG) is required on your television, a format specially developed for TV broadcasts.

Can you watch the World Cup in 4K Ultra HD and HDR? ?

A small number of Dutch providers have already confirmed to make the World Cup in 4K Ultra HD and HDR available to subscribers, with a number of conditions of course. Below you will find an overview of the providers where you can watch the World Cup in the highest quality.


KPN is still the only major provider that passes the World Cup in 4K Ultra HD and HDR to subscribers. However, you do need a special subscription with a special set-top box, and that subscription is not available to everyone. To take the 4K subscription from KPN (€ 71.50 per month, including two 4K set-top boxes) you need a minimum actual internet speed of 100 Mb / s. Even if you have a subscription of 100 Mb / s, it is still possible that the actual speed is lower and the 4K subscription is not available. On the website of KPN you can check yourself that the 4K subscription is available for your address. Subscribers who have a fiber-optic connection can take a 4K subscription anyway,


Jonaz only uses fiber optic connections and has indicated the special NPO 1 channel. Subscribers with a subscription of 44.90 euros per month receive fast internet via fiber optics and 38 TV channels, including NPO 1 in Ultra HD during the World Cup. To view this channel, the correct smartcard and CI + module is required.

Canal Digitaal

Canal Digitaal broadcasts the World Cup Soccer 2018 in Ultra HD via satellite. All customers of the company can view the NPO 1 channel via the Astra3 satellite. For this purpose, this satellite has to be adjusted to 23.5 degrees east by transponder 211. The frequency of the broadcast is 11.914 GHz. Customers do not pay any extra costs on top of the 24,95 euro per month subscription.


Ziggo customers are disappointed. The company has indicated that the transfer of the NPO 1 channel in Ultra HD does not match the current plans. Currently, a small number of users are testing the company’s 4K set-top box. A broad roll-out so that everyone can enjoy the World Cup in the highest quality is not on the planning for the short term.

If more providers would pass the World Cup in HDR and Ultra HD then we will fill this article.

We also watch the World Cup in Ultra HD and HDR

We have KPN as an office provider and will watch the World Cup in HDR and Ultra HD on LG’s 2018 E8-series oled tv. Of course we will share our experiences in a review as soon as possible after the start of the World Cup.