Warwick Acoustics Aperio: Electrostatic Headphones

Warwick Acoustics Aperio: Electrostatic Headphones are avaiable for the special price only in month of July 2021.


Audionext GmbH announces for the July 2021 a special price campaign in which 3,750 euros let save. In the next month, the quote will be: “the most advanced headphone concept in the world, the Aperio system from Warwick Acoustics” for 21,249 Euro instead of 24,999 According to the current press release on the campaign. Preview appointments can now be arranged in the Audionext demo studio in Essen.

Warwick Acoustics Aperio

The Aperio system was originally developed for the demanding professional listener, for example as a reference system for high-resolution audio productions, mastering, mixing and recording applications. Of course, private aficionados can also enjoy the sound of the headphones.

The Warwick Aperio weighs 399 grams open electrostats with a frequency response of 10 to 60,000 Hertz. It is delivered together with a driver stage, which is basically a full pre-DAC. On the connection side, the following are offered: Symmetrical high-level XLR inputs, asymmetrical cinch inputs, a USB-B input, an AES / EBU digital input and an RJ-45 connection for integration into the network and a coaxial S / PDIF input.

Within the Warwick Aperio system, all audio signals are processed in their original domain as well as their original format: Analog remains analog, DSD remains DSD until it is finally converted into analog, and PCM files are not up- or down-sampled.

In addition to the corresponding headphone connection, the preamp has a balanced and unbalanced line output.