Vogel’s new TV bracket series introduced

Vogel's new TV bracket series introduced which is designed specially for large televisions which offers three different settings

Vogel’s new TV bracket series introduced – Vogel’s has created a new series of television mounts that have been specially developed for large televisions. The series, Elite, have a very slim design, despite being for ‘fat’ televisions.

Televisions are getting bigger and bigger. We are increasingly moving away from the idea that a larger television would be too close in terms of viewing distance. This is partly due to the quality of the image: everything is now so much sharper that it does not matter whether you are close to it or a little further away. At least it’s more about personal preference now. The Dutch seem to increasingly opt for a larger television, which of course includes a sturdy TV bracket.

Elite Full Motion

Vogel’s new TV bracket series – bird’s

Vogel’s is one of the best-known brands in the field of TV mounts. It has introduced wall mounts especially for those big whoppers of televisions: Elite. The slim design allows the television to hang even closer to the wall. The brand does not have braces that are slimmer than these. Despite their slender appearance, however, they are no less strong. The strongest Elite can carry a television of up to 100 kilograms. In terms of size, it goes up to 100 inches.

There are three different Elite variants:

Fixed – a TV mount with an extremely flat mounting against the wall (1.5 centimeters)

Full Motion+ – The slimmest swivel TV mount with swivel angle up to 180 degrees.

forward motion – Thanks to a 4-arm mechanism, the bracket has a large forward reach of 69 cm with a rotation of up to 120 degrees.

Vogel's new TV bracket series

Elite Fixed

Fixed Elite

There is an Auto-ClickLoc security system on the Fixed Elite to lock the TV where you clearly hear a click for confirmation. In addition, patches are included to protect your television. Thanks to integrated cable chips, you can hide the cables behind your television well and with the integrated spirit level you can easily hang your television straight.

Elite Full Motion+ and Forward Motion

The Full-Motion+ and Forward Motion Elite mounts feature OneFinger Movement, which means you only need one finger to turn the television properly. With the Full-Motion+, the device can hang only 4 cm from the wall, but with the Forward Motion it is 4.5 cm. The support arms are a maximum of 74 centimeters to ensure that large screens can rotate safely and well. There is also 2D-Leveling on the brackets to always hang your TV level. These brackets also have systems to hide cables. Cover plates are also included to hide all technical aspects of the TV mount.

Vogel's new TV bracket series introduced

Elite Forward Motion