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VLC 4.0 will be released this year with new interface and more

VLC that was one of the most popular media player once now launched its new version VLC 4.0 which contains new design and options.

VLC 4.0 will be released this year Protocol. The big new feature this time is the updated interface. VideoLAN director Jean-Baptiste Kempf, responsible for the popular media player, hopes that this will make the software a lot more modern.

New design for VLC 4.0

Earlier we got a glimpse of the new media player interface. That happened in February 2019 during a Fosdem conference. Screenshots that were released at the time show that the gray interface has been exchanged for a transparent version. The icons have also been given a modern facelift.

This is not the only thing the VideoLAN team is working on. For example, more online content must be brought to the media player, such as extensions that allow you to watch videos from third parties. It could also be that you will soon be able to watch various types of content via VLC 4.0 for free, while in the meantime you will be served advertisements. That’s how, for example Plex offers its additional service.

We are also working on a new version of the player that works better in browsers, using Webassembly and JavaScript. As a result, the company no longer has to rely on its own plug-in. When this component is launched, you should be able to view any type of content in your web browser, Kempf promises.

Another project that is being worked on is Moviepedia Project. This is a kind of IMDb, but developed for VLC. The database can be maintained and modified by users. It is not yet clear when all new features will arrive.

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