Virtual challenges with your smartphone – Fit with Pacer and The Conqueror

Conqueror Virtual Challenges has just a bit more possibilities in terms of virtual challenge comparing with pacer fitness app.

The Conqueror Virtual Challenges

The Conqueror Virtual Challenges (from My Virtual Mission) has just a bit more possibilities in terms of virtual challenge than the Pacer app. The price is therefore slightly higher at an average of 35 euros per challenge. You can pay at The Conqueror with PayPal or Credit card. You also always have to pay for these challenges. There is no way to do it for free. However, you do get a more extensive app and a better medal in return.

First, there are many more apps and smartwatches that are supported. You can have your distance measured automatically with Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit, Strava, Map my Run, Map my Ride, Map my Walk and Runkeeper. Would you rather not? Then you can also manually enter the distance. In addition to walking, cycling or running, there are many more options to convert your workout into a virtual distance. There is a ‘conversion chart’ available, with which you can even convert your Yoga session, swimming session or martial arts lesson into a distance.


The Conqueror app lets you unlock various ‘Milestones’ along the route with extra information about places of interest, you unlock ‘postcards’ and you plant trees during your route. The Conqueror partners with Eden Reforestation Projects, where they plant a tree on your behalf at every 20 percent of the virtual distance. What Pacer misses is to check where you are now (virtually) on your route. That is possible at The Conqueror with an integration with Google Streetview. Press the figure at any time to see exactly where you are virtually on the chosen route. Did you successfully complete the route within the specified time? Then enter your address details and the medal will be sent by post.

The Conqueror also leans even more on the competition element. You will see other ‘Conquerors’ along the route, but you can also start your own team to work on a distance with family, friends or colleagues. Of course this can also be done individually to compete with each other. And in the meantime, there is also a piece of social media, because you can post messages, comment and share your achievements.

Where Pacer mainly does the shorter distances, you will find much longer distances at The Conqueror. The shortest distance is ‘The English Channel’ (the channel between England and France, nice for swimming), but can quickly add up in terms of kilometers. Well-known routes such as Ring of Kerry, Hadrian’s Wall, Alps to Ocean, Camino de Santiago, Ring Road (Iceland), Length of Britain, Appalachian Trail and Route 66 can be covered. The last few routes will keep you busy for months. Due to the longer distance of these challenges, The Conqueror is also very suitable for cycling.

Visit the website of The Conqueror.


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