Vincent announced Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier launched

Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier launched from the manufacturer Vincent and developed by Dipl.-Ing. Frank Blöhbaum for the price of 999 euros

Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier launched: There is news from the manufacturer Vincent, who holds up the flag of tube amplifier technology, but also has many years of expertise in the transistor area – and also has various hybrid amplifiers in his portfolio. The latest product is a headphone amplifier.

Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier technology

The new headphone amp was largely developed by Dipl.-Ing. Frank Blöhbaum, who was already responsible for various Vincent components as a developer.

In contrast to loudspeakers, the range of possible connection impedances of headphones is significantly greater: high-quality headphones are available in an impedance range of around 16 to 600 ohms, and sometimes even higher. The Hybrid concept of the Vincent KHV-200 should be able to cover the entire area well. A gain switch on the back supports this because it allows the Gain factor reduced by 8 dB on request.

A look under the hood of the Vincent KHV-200

Vincent has two E180F type pentodes as well as a ECC82 double triode installed. There are two high level inputs (switchable on the front). Headphones can either be connected via the 6.3 mm stereo jack socket on the front or an XLR-4 connection on the rear.

Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier

The back of the Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier: Among other things, there is a gain switch and the balanced headphone connection to be seen here

In addition to a volume control, Vincent has also given the KHV-200 a balance control. The 3.6 kilogram device is available in black and silver.

Price of headphone amplifier: 999 euros