Vifa launches five new audio systems with premium design

The Danish audio brand Vifa is launching five new audio systems this week, these devices are Vifa Reykjavik, Vifa Helsinki, Vifa Oslo, Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 and Vifa Stockholm 2.0.
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The Danish audio brand Vifa is launching five new audio systems this week. On the outside, the systems have the rugged textile of fabric manufacturer Kvadrat in combination with a seamless aluminum frame. On the inside we see the speaker technology of the brand back. The systems get the names of Scandinavian capitals: Reykjavik, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen 2.0 and Stockholm 2.0.

New audio systems Vifa

The portable systems work on Bluetooth wireless technology, are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and can also connected to the mains. Stockholm is an exception to this, it is directly connected to the electricity grid. The Copenhagen 2.0 and the Stockholm 2.0 are equipped with the so-called Vifa Home system, which can be set with the Home app on your mobile phone. But these audio systems can also be operated by hand. This allows you to listen to your music through multiple speakers, in different rooms and through many sound sources. Finally, the Copenhagen 2.0 and the Stockholm 2.0 have a special button that activates Vifa Link. This allows all units to be linked and automatically connected to the Home system. In this way you create your own music zones in the house.

Vifa Reykjavik

The smallest speaker system in the series with a full sound. Equipped with two tweeters and a woofer with DSP crossover, which is optimized for low distortion and high precision. Also includes a speakerphone with noise / echo cancellation. The diameter is 139 mm. The suggested retail price is 199 euros.

Vifa Helsinki

This speaker with embroidered volume buttons contains two full-range units and two woofers, supported by two passive radiators. The dimensions (hxwxd) are 156x210x70 mm and the suggested retail price is 399 euros.

Vifa Oslo

Also at the Oslo we see two full-range units and two woofers mechanically back-to-back mounted, supported by two passive radiators. Handy for home, at your flex desk or outside. The dimensions are 268x181x90 mm and the suggested retail price is 499 euros.

Vifa Copenhagen 2.0

The Copenhagen 2.0 comes with two tweeters, two midrange drivers and four woofers, supported by four passive radiators. With the HOME-system, the speaker is easy to operate and can be connected to multiple sources. Vifa Link interconnects each unit. The dimensions (hxwxd) are 268x362x90 mm and the suggested retail price is 699 euros.

Vifa Stockholm 2.0

Where other suppliers recommend a separate woofer, it is unnecessary for Stockholm 2.0. Four 100 mm units provide a deep bass. The frequency range of this soundsystem is 42 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 3db. For those who want to give the Stockholm 2.0 a permanent place: it comes with an invisible wall bracket. The Stockholm 2.0 is equipped with the Home-system and Vifa Link with which all units can be interconnected. It comes with a matching zinc die-cast black remote control. Dimensions (hxwxd): 215x1010x100 mm. Recommended retail price 1,299 euros.

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