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Video: everything you want to know about Android TV 8 (Oreo)

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In this video we explain everything that you want to know about Android TV 8 (Oreo). The update is now rolled out to many Android TV models and changes a lot on the interface that you are used to. What exactly changes, you can see in the video.

Android TV 8 (Oreo): you want to know

Philips and others are currently rolling out Android TV 8, based on Android Oreo, on its televisions. Because a lot is changing in the way you use the operating system, it is handy to get a well-prepared update. In the video below you can see what the interface looks like now and what you can do with it. For example, you can address the Google Assistant when you also have a microphone in your remote control. The TV thus becomes a more central part of your smart house.

The biggest changes have to do with the home screen. From now on you will see channels in the picture that can recommend content based on your viewing behavior. For example, you get recommendations for the Netflix and YouTube app and all other apps that have built-in support for this. Do you want to read all the options and new functions again after the video? Which can. Then you can check our previously written article with a large overview of those functions. Watch the video below.

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