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Vertere Acoustics: Iso-paws feet | News fairaudio

The British manufacturer Vertere Acoustics is presenting an interesting accessory with the Iso-paw feet, which was originally developed for the Vertere DG-1 turntable and the Phono-1 phono preamplifier, but can also be used with components from other manufacturers.

Iso-paws feet – construction

The base of the feet is made of acetal with a felt surface on the underside. On the top there is a hemisphere made out Sorbothaneon which the device to be protected from vibrations is placed.

In use here: the Iso-paw feet on a record player

According to Vertere Acoustics, in particular light and medium weight Devices such as DACs or phono stages benefit from this mechanical isolation. Sets are available with three or four feet; a single Iso-paw can carry up to 2.5 kg. Thus, with a set of four, components up to a maximum weight of ten kilos can be isolated. The little helpers are available now.


  • Vertere Acoustics Iso-paws set of 3: 129 euros
  • Vertere Acoustics Iso-paws set of 4: 159 euros


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