Verity Audio Arindal Speakers launched

Verity Audio Arindal Speakers are new high-quality and high-performance loudspeaker with Bandwidth 20 Hz to 50 kHz » 3.0 dB

Verity is pleased to introduce the new Arindal, a new high-quality, high-performance loudspeaker that fully embodies the authentic values ​​of Verity. The new Arindal will be officially presented from May 19 to 22 at High-End 2022 in Munich. Verity Audio will exhibit in Atrium 4, room F122. I hope to see you all in Munich!

The new Arindal model enters the Verity Audio catalog in April 2022 and replaces the Amadis S.

As with all Verity Audio loudspeakers, Arindal inherits the same anti-resonance construction achieved through a dedicated range of internal bracing. The interior energy is used correctly by balancing the acoustic and mechanical impedance of each panel. Each component is carefully selected to be seamlessly integrated into this true performance speaker.

The Verity Audio Arindal uses Verity Audio’s exclusive backward-facing bass reflex tuning to deliver tight, well-defined bass for any living environment.

To finish it is evenly lacquered on all sides.

Verity Audio Arindal

specs of Verity Audio Arindal 

  • Bandwidth 20 Hz to 50 kHz » 3.0 dB
  • 9.5-inch carbon paper sandwich cone woofer
  • 3-inch SD coil
  • 6-inch midrange doped polypropylene cone
  • 2-inch SD coil
  • 1-inch dual ring tweeter
  • Power handling 250 watts of musical power
  • Sensitivity 93dB @ 1w @ 1m
  • Nominal impedance 8 ohms
  • Minimum impedance 3 ohms at 5.5 kHz
  • Running time 75 hours (63%), 400 hours (99%)
  • Connectors Terminal Blocks Furutech
  • MASIS custom-made insulation bases with adjustable aluminum feet included
  • Available finishes Standard Luxe White or gloss black polyester finish
  • Special Order High Gloss Exotic Wood Finishes
  • Dimensions and weight:
  • Height 113cm
  • width 32.5cm
  • Depth 18″
  • Weight 150kg/pair
  • Gross weight 167kg/pair