Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X: compact subwoofer

Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X is a compact subwoofer is introducing an extremely compact bass cube of 3.6 kilograms

With the MicroVee X, the subwoofer specialist Velodyne Acoustics is introducing an extremely compact bass cube, in which the bass driver measures a moderate 6.5 inches – and the housing is only 23 x 25 centimeters. And no, it’s coming no Class D amplifier used.

Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X: Technical Details

In the new member of the Velodyne family, the six-and-a-half-inch model works together with two side-mounted passive radiators. According to Velodyne, the driver itself has been completely redesigned. He brings propere 3.6 kilograms on the scales, three of which are already on the Y30 ferrite magnet. The membrane is made of a carbon composite, the quadruple voice coil is made of high-purity copper.

Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X: The rear has many connection options

But that’s not all: Velodyne has the MicroVee X one Class A / B Mosfet power amplifier donated, which can mobilize 300 watts RMS and 800 watts peak pulse power. Also integrated in the slim housing is a DSP from Analog Devices that supports the Adjusting the sound to the room characteristics comfortably permitted.

Another nice gimmick is the wired “Remote Eye” for the remote control included in the scope of delivery. It enables the encoder to be used even if the subwoofer has been “hidden”, e.g. B. under a piece of furniture.

Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X: View of the remote control and the sensor extension

Velodyne Acoustics MicroVee X: View of the remote control and the sensor extension

The sub is connected either via cinch (line or LFE) or speaker terminals for operation with external power amplifiers. Crossover frequency, phase position and volume of the sub can be set either directly on the device or via the remote control. The new sub is available in black and white.

 MicroVee X price: 1,290 euros