Various Philips TVs have display problems with streaming services

Philips TVs have display problems: A Philips TV that is equipped with the MT5891-soc might not display the streaming services properly.
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Various Philips TVs have display problems with streaming services, it is reported. If you have a Philips television that is equipped with the MT5891-soc, there is a chance that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and other streaming services will not be displayed properly. When you stream something on the Philips television, the content is always shown in SD quality. This is a much worse quality than you are probably used to. TP Vision is investigating the problem.

On the forum of the website Tweakers More and more reports came in that the well-known streaming services no longer offered the same image quality from one moment to the next. 1080p, 4K and HDR are no longer possible, so that much less good image quality remains. As far as is known, it (Philips TVs have display problems) occurs in Philips televisions from 2017 and 2018 (OLED and LCD) that use the MediaTek-soc MT5891.

Widevine DRM and Philips TVs

The Widevine DRM certificate may have changed for security reasons, making HD streaming no longer possible. The security level has changed and that makes it no longer possible to stream the best quality. It is hoped that TP Vision will soon come up with a firmware update to address the problem. At the same time, it must first ensure that the internal investigation into how this could have happened is completed. TP Vision has not yet clarified this, but the hope is that one of these days there will be a more extensive answer.

In addition, the question is whether this one Philips-specific problem. The MediaTek MT5891-soc is in fact also in Sony televisions. For the time being, however, only Philips televisions have been designated by users of Tweakers as devices with problems. To be precise, the following copies: 55PUS7303 / 12, 55PUS7303, 55PUS8303, 75PUS8303, 49PUS8503, 55PUS8602, 55POS9002, 65OLED803 and 55OLED903. We will update this article when the solution to this difficult streaming problem is known.

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