Valheim game tips – A short guide to survive for longer

Valheim game tips - This article will provide few tips for players of popular steam game Valheim apart from they started playing or planning.

Valheim game tips – Valheim is the new hit game from Steam , with more than 2 million copies sold and 40,000 analyzes “extremely positive.” Available in early access for PC, the game brings a Viking adventure in the world of the dead. Surrounded by mystical creatures, the player must survive on a procedural map, in single or multiplayer gameplay. Check out a guide on how to play Valheim below, with tips for beginners to do well in the title.

Valheim requirements and how to download the game on PC

Valheim is the newest hit among PC games ( Windows ). Available in paid early access on the Steam digital store , and with more than 16,000 “Extremely positive” reviews, the title came to show that it is still possible to innovate with the combination of survival, open world and co-op mode. According to Coffee Stain and the producer Iron Gate, the game has already passed the mark of 1 million copies sold and entered the world list of best selling games on the Valve platform . Check below the requirements to run the game and how to download it on PC (Steam).

Valheim puts the player in the role of a Viking, free to explore and inhabit mystical lands alone or with up to ten players. The game map is generated procedurally and is filled with legendary creatures and enemies that can be challenged in a punitive and brutal combat system. The game also features a construction mode, in which you can build houses, ships and even mead halls.

Valheim can be download from steam official page

Requirements to run Valheim on PC

Minimum requirements

System Windows 7 64bit
Processor 2.6 GHz Dual Core or higher
Video GeForce GTX 500 or higher
Storage 1 GB of free disk space

Recommended requirements

System Windows 7 64bit
Processor i5 3GHz or higher
Video GeForce GTX 970 or higher
Storage 1 GB of free disk space

Valheim game tips

1. Food is synonymous with life

Among Valheim game tips food is most important as life and food go hand in hand in Valheim. Although eating is not exactly a demand to survive in this game (since it is not possible to starve in it), the action is still important for your stamina and HP. With a full stomach, in addition to recovering from damage, you increase your life capacity for a while.

Your Viking can eat up to three types of food at a time, and their duration and effects appear in a small menu at the bottom left of the screen. Enjoy the benefits of a balanced diet, combining meats and vegetables, and also keep a stock of food in your inventory.

To cook meat, build a fire with a kitchen counter top. Then just add the items to the fire. However, we recommend that you pay attention to the sound. When you hear a crack, the meat is ready. If you forget the food on the fire, your food will burn.

2. Keep your energy

Stamina is the second most important status in Valheim, since it is with it that you will fight, hunt and perform virtually every activity in the game. However, because it has a slower recovery, it is important to balance your actions – especially in combat. Don’t fight when your stamina is low. Likewise, don’t let it run out in the middle of a group of enemies. It is worth saying that, to get it back more quickly, it is essential to keep your character’s stomach full.

3. Practice makes perfect

Valheim is a little different from other survival games, in which the user can distribute points and buy skills. Here, it is practice that makes perfect. To improve your character, just repeat actions, which happens naturally. If a yellow glow comes out of your Viking when jumping, running, chopping or hunting, it means that you have received experience points or have leveled up on one of your skills.

4. Build a base

The best way to protect yourself from enemies is to build a shelter. The construction system in Valheim in general is quite simple, but it has important key points. First of all, to have a base, you will need wood and stones. With these materials, make a hammer, which will be your construction tool. Then, collect more items to create a workbench, as you can only mount the base around it. Your house should have a floor, walls, roof and, of course, a door, to prevent the creatures from entering.

Buildings have a level of stability. With the hammer in hand, aim at one of the structures to check how stable it is. This level is presented in color, with blue being the most stable, followed by dark green, light green, orange and, finally, red, which is the most unstable of all.

One tip is to use the hoe, a useful tool to stabilize the floor level before building. Remember to try to maintain stability, as the structures have a standard of living and durability, being damaged by rain and other events. In addition to assembling structures, the hammer can also be used to repair or demolish your buildings. The base is not just for storing items or your countertop. With it, the character also keeps himself protected from the cold climate, a factor that reduces his vigor regeneration.

To make other objects, such as weapons, protective equipment and hunting, use the workbench, which also needs the hammer to be built. In the “Production” tab, make a block and support near the workbench, as both are upgrades to unlock new items for manufacturing.

5. Explore different biomes

In Valheim, maps are generated in a procedural way and therefore are larger than you think. In addition, the world is divided into different biomes, each with its own materials and species. You must explore different habitats to obtain the resources needed to create new items, weapons and buildings.

It is worth paying attention to the mini map, which is very useful to guide yourself. With it, the player can check the wind direction for sailing, in addition to using an icon to mark their base or important places and see the location of the bosses.

6. Understand the combat

Valheim’s combat system is quite simple: the character can attack, defend, jump, dodge and counterattack. The latter is the best option if your goal is to do damage. However, it is worth saying: it is not so easy to accomplish. In order to counterattack, the player must defend himself at the exact moment the enemy starts his strike. This way, your attack will have twice as much damage. In addition to the blows, the user has some options of weapons, ranging from spears to bows, to hunt animals and face enemies.

If the onslaught fails, the Viking will find death and lose items from his inventory. However, don’t worry: when the character dies, a marker appears on the map showing the location of your headstone. With that, you can go to the point of death to recover your belongings.

Valheim is not just a game of exploring maps. One of the objectives is to summon and hunt legendary creatures that inhabit the game’s different biomes. They are a kind of game bosses, who, when defeated, grant special powers to the player. As expected, the fights are not easy. Knowing how to dodge at the right time and having good weapons are essential to guarantee a victory.
Before being able to face them, the player must summon the creatures on their respective altars. So go to the main altar with four stones, which is the first to appear on the map. Click on the red stone and select “Register Location” to mark the location of the offering on the map. The location itself will give you tips on the item to call the big boss. To summon Eikthyr, for example, the stone tells the gamer to hunt the family of the legendary being – that is, deer. When defeating them, go back to the altar and hook the chief’s head on the hook to release his power.

6. Enjoy the multiplayer

In Valheim, the player does not have to face the Nordic legends alone. The game has support for online multiplayer, and it is possible to call up to 10 players to explore the same map with you. The recommended, however, is up to five users. Its cooperative mode is not only fun, but also facilitates exploration and survival. Playing in co-op mode, don’t forget to open the map and check the option “Visible to other players”, so that your friends can find you.

Valheim game tips for beginners

  • Be careful when cutting trees. When picking up wood, logs can fall on you, causing damage and even death;
  • Build multiple kitchen countertops over the fire. That way, you don’t have to be limited to cooking two meats at a time;
  • You will have to kill the first boss, Eikthyr, to make a pick. Use your horns to produce the item on the counter;
  • Place markers on the map. It’s easy to get lost in the gigantic world of Valheim, so use icons to point out the location of your camp or specific biomes you want to explore. In addition to the markers, it is possible to name the places;
  • Repair your equipment or upgrade using the workbench.

We hope that these Valheim game tips will be useful in you gaming experience.