Vacation apps: You don’t want to miss these apps during vacation

This article is a guide regarding Vacation apps that you must have in your mobile phone during the trip of your vacations to make your visit more enjoyable.

Vacation apps= The smartphone is of course indispensable in our lives and we also take it everywhere with us on holiday. Handy for keeping in touch with the home front, but it’s also a handy companion during your vacation. For example, the smartphone can help you find places of interest, discover beautiful walking routes or help you with public transport. Which apps are really indispensable during your vacation? We have the following eight Vacation apps for you:

Vacation apps: Komoot

Walking, cycling, mountain biking or hiking. Whatever activity you want to do during your vacation. Komoot always finds the best routes. Download the app, choose departure from your current location and you will immediately get hundreds of routes to take. You often immediately pass all kinds of sights and immediately grab a piece of culture. Komoot works on you android phone or iPhone, but also on many smartwatches. This way you no longer have to hold your phone while following a route. You can choose and follow routes, create routes and the app also works fine as a navigation tool on your smartphone. Komoot is a must for every active holidaymaker, whether you are walking through a large city or hiking over the mountains.

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Need a taxi? Uber is often indispensable abroad. Uber puts you in touch with taxi drivers via the app. As a traveler, you actually have control over everything. You choose a destination and the driver immediately knows where you are via your GPS location. Even before your driver arrives, you will receive information about the car, the location of the taxi, the driver and you will read comments from previous people who have traveled with the taxi. It is transparent and therefore safe, also in terms of costs. You can see this clearly marked. Happy with the ride? Please rate the driver five stars and give a good tip. It is not exactly a fat pot for the drivers.

Vacation apps: Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor is basically a travel information app and website where participants can provide their own reviews about cities, places of interest, museums, hotels, restaurants, rental cars, flights and much more. Do you want to know what you can do at your holiday destination? TripAdvisor is your ideal travel partner on your smartphone. Have you found a museum, castle, zoo, amusement park or other point of interest via the app? Read what other travelers think and book your tickets or overnight stays directly via the TripAdvisor app.

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Although electric scooters are still prohibited on public roads in the Netherlands, you will find them in abundance in almost every other European country. In the big cities you can rent the electric scooters and discover the city in a new way. Lime is one of the larger providers and can be found in almost all of Europe. Download the app, connect your credit card or PayPal to your account and you’re good to go. In the app you can see where all electric scooters (or bicycles!) are located. Choose a step, scan the QR code and off you go. Afterwards, choose ‘End ride’ in the app. Just take a picture where you parked the scooter and the costs will be automatically debited. Ideal.

Google Maps

Getting lost at your holiday destination is no longer an option. Google Maps knows where you are and you can easily navigate while walking, cycling and in the car. Google Maps is also very complete as a navigation tool. Not only do you get to your destination, but you can also easily find a gas station or ATM nearby. In addition, you are always aware of work, traffic jams or other inconveniences on the road. Google Maps will always find the best route for you. Via StreetView you can also start with the anticipation of exploring your holiday destination from your smartphone.

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Do you want to travel a lot by public transport on holiday? Wherever you are in the world, Moovit will help you find the right bus, train, tram, metro or ferry in 112 different countries. Choose a destination in the app and you immediately know how to get there by public transport with real-time information. That way you’ll never be dazed looking around a train or bus station again. Also handy, the app tells you exactly when to get out. That way you never miss your stop.

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Polar steps

Polarsteps is perhaps the unknown gem of this list. This app is really for the backpackers, road trippers and people who plan to travel for weeks, or maybe even months, visiting different countries. With this app you can plan, track and relive your journey, because your route is automatically recorded with your smartphone in your pocket. At the end of your trip you will have a digital world map of your journey and you can easily add photos, videos and stories. You will also find travel guides, a travel planner and a transport planner on board. Polarsteps is your digital travel diary in 2022.

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travel app

Not the most exciting app of the whole, but indispensable on your holiday. The travel app of the national government. Through this app you can view the current travel advice, check what you can take with you in your travel luggage, you can convert currency, find information about what to do in case of emergencies and more. As the central government itself says: Travel wisely with the Reisapp.

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