So you use Philips Hue Sync for the ultimate cinema experience in the house

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Philips released a new tool for the Hue fans last week. The company, which actually goes under the name Signify, has launched Philips Hue Sync. With this software for your computer you can have your Hue lights colored with what is happening on the screen. This should ensure the ultimate cinema experience at home. In this article we explain how Hue Sync works exactly.

What is Philips Hue Sync?

We all know Ambilight; the technique of Philips where LEDs behind the TV screen respond to what appears on TV. This increases the viewing experience and gives a nice effect. From now on, however, this is also possible with all Philips Hue lamps that you have in your home. With Philips Hue Synch you can synchronize the color of the lights with a film, music or a game.

Hue Sync is software for the Mac and Windows computers. This free software analyzes what happens on the screen of the computer, where for example a movie is played or a game is played on. This analysis adjusts the color and brightness of the chosen Hue lamps to create an impressive experience in the living room, gaming room or any other room. For example, if you see a setting sun on the screen, the linked Hue lamps will turn orange and yellow. When listening to music, the lights change color and clarity to the rhythm of the music.

How Philips Hue Sync

works The free software you can download here can be installed on a PC or Mac. You obviously need Hue lights that you can connect with the software. Only the colored Hue lamps (including the LightStrip) can actually change color and are therefore the only lamps that work together with the software.

Once installed you can link the Hue Bridge and In the Hue app on your smartphone, create an entertainment room containing all the lights you want to use. You put the icons of the lamps in the right place, test the lighting via the app and create the entertainment room. The software on your computer sees this space and will now let all the lights in that room color with what is happening on the screen. You can choose for scenes (standard color palettes), games, music and film. With games, music and film you can adjust the intensity of the effects. You can also use the audio in games and movies to get the lights to respond.

The Hue Sync experience can be extended to the TV via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay or Miracast.