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Use micro SD card in Nintendo Switch: you need to know this

sometimes you just want to be able to play a game when you feel like it and you run into the problem of lack of space. This problem can easily be solved by means of micro-sd cards. You can expand the memory of your Nintendo Switch with a micro sd card
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You can expand the memory of your Nintendo Switch with a micro sd card. In this article you can read which cards you can use and what you have to take into account before you start. For digital gamers this is the ultimate solution.

On the Nintendo Switch you can play your games in two ways: you buy physical games in the store or you go to the Nintendo eShop and buy digital versions of video games. Many indie games (games made by small, independent developers) are often not that big, so there is a lot of fit on the internal memory of 32 GB. But when you also download larger games, like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Xenoblade Chroncles 2, you may be through the available space.

Of course it is always possible to remove games from the internal memory, leaving room for new titles. But sometimes you just want to be able to play a game when you feel like it and you run into the problem of lack of space. This problem can easily be solved by means of micro-sd cards. In this article we will go a little deeper into expanding the memory for the Nintendo Switch, so you can take more games at the same time along the way and so everything can play where and when you want.

Why a micro -sd-card?

In the past we have written articles on how to expand the memory of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 . Very simply put this with external hard disks. Because the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console and therefore also needs access to videogames on the road, the device does not support external hard drives . That is why you are dependent on micro SD cards. Note: no ordinary SD cards, since they do not fit in the Nintendo Switch. It is therefore only the micro -sd-cards.

Which micro-sd cards are supported?

The Nintendo Switch supports three types of cards: micro-sd , micro-sdhc and micro-sdxc. The first two micro SD cards can be used without difficulty and are immediately supported by the Nintendo Switch. If you want to use the micro-sdxc card, your Switch must be connected to the Internet so that you can download an important system update. The best card has a high speed. So if you’re in the market for such a card, pay attention to terms such as UHS-I (Ultra High Speed ​​Phase I) and a reading speed of 60-95 MB / s.

How to insert a micro-sd card in the Nintendo Switch?

Have you chosen a good micro-sd card? Nice, then we can place it in the Nintendo Switch. Turn off your console completely (press the power button at the top) and pull the kickstand out of the back. This is the same standard that you use to switch the Switch to tabletop mode. There is an opening behind the stand. There you see a logo of a micro sd card. The Switch is always delivered without a card, so you do not need to get anything out of it. You take the card out and you can place it directly in the console.

micro SD card in Nintendo Switch

That’s only possible in one way, so do not try to force the micro-sd card. Above the opening you can see on the logo how the SD card should be placed: with the narrower side inwards. If all goes well, the card has a very thin edge on the broad side so that you can easily remove it from the system, whatever the reason for that. Do not stop that side in the Nintendo Switch. When the card is properly positioned, you will hear a soft click when everything goes well.

micro SD card in Nintendo Switch

Formatting the micro-sd card

Switch the Nintendo Switch on again (same button on the top press). Then go to the system settings (second option from the right on the home screen) and then look up the system options (at the very bottom). At the bottom of that page are the formatting options. There you will find the option to format (and thus prepare) your micro SD card. When you do this, you can no longer use the card for other things. You also need to be sure that nothing is important.

micro SD card in Nintendo Switch

How to transfer data from the internal memory?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer data from the internal memory to the micro-sd card that you have just installed in your Nintendo Switch. What you can do is remove the software and download it again to the SD card. This then becomes the new storage point that uses the Switch standard. It is also the case that already saved save files can not be transferred. So you can not back up that data anyway; if you still want to do that, you have to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online .

micro SD card in Nintendo Switch

How do you transfer data from another micro SD card?

It is possible to use multiple micro SD cards simultaneously with the Nintendo Switch. Not literally, of course, because there is only room for one card. For example, we have installed a 400 GB microSD card in the Switch so that we can be sure that we can move ahead. But you can also choose to use cheaper 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 GB cards. If you use multiple cards at the same time in combination with the Nintendo Switch, then transferring data is no longer possible.

micro SD card in Nintendo Switch

So, for example, you have first used a micro-sd card with less storage space and you step on a card with more space for data, make sure that you can use both cards in combination with a computer (you may need a separate sd card reader). First stop the micro-sd card in your computer that contains the data that you had already put on it. Then create a folder named Nintendo Switch and copy the contents of the SD card, so everything on it, to the folder you just created.

micro SD card in Nintendo Switch

Make sure the data is still is not removed. Do not use the option ‘cut’ or ‘delete’, but keep that card as it is. Now remove the card and insert the new card (after formatting). Copy the data from the Nintendo Switch folder (not the folder itself but the folder named Nintendo) to the new micro SD card. Now remove the card from your PC and put it in your Nintendo Switch. You should now see all the games, screenshots, save data and videos that you have transferred from the other sd card.

Some warnings

We have given some warnings above, which we emphasize below

  • Do not force micro-sd cards. If it does not fit, check first if you plug it in properly.
  • Make sure you always back up the data you transfer.
  • Never delete data from sd cards that you just have your Nintendo Switch.
  • Therefore, always use the “copy” option on a Windows or Mac computer.
  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch is completely switched off before you insert or remove SD cards.


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