USB-C mandatory from 2024 for smartphones, tablets, earbuds and more

USB-C mandatory from 2024 for smartphones, tablets, earbuds and more. EU made it mandatory from from autumn 2024 for all companies.

USB-C mandatory from 2024 for smartphones, tablets, earbuds and more- The European Union will require USB-C as the new standard for all smartphones, tablets, earbuds, headphones, e-readers, cameras and several small electronic devices from autumn 2024, the statement said. law of the European Parliament. Formal approval still has to take place, but after this agreement this seems to be a formality. The new law should provide more convenience for consumers and should limit e-waste, or electronic waste, as much as possible.

From autumn 2024, you will not have to use many different chargers with different connections for your small electronic devices. You will soon just need one charger and cable with USB-C connection. In addition, as a consumer you will soon have the choice to buy the new device with or without a charger. Of course you don’t need dozens of the same chargers if you can charge everything with one and the same charger.

New USB-C mandatory law applies to small electronic devices

The new law applies to new devices that appear from fall 2024. Not for small electronic devices that have appeared before that. The list is quite large by the way. The new law makes USB-C a standard in the European Union for the following devices:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • E-Readers
  • earbuds
  • Digital cameras
  • Headphones
  • Handheld game consoles
  • portable speakers

Fast charging technologies must also become as similar as possible, according to the new law. That will still be a problem for some manufacturers, because despite the use of USB-C, different fast charging technologies are used by the different manufacturers. Anyway, at least Apple can no longer use Lightning. That’s where the manufacturer sorted already on for.┬áSome E-readers also have to finally switch to USB-C. Let’s hope that this will indeed provide more convenience for consumers and that the containers in the house with hundreds of different cables and chargers can finally leave the house.