Unveiling AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 Three-way speaker system

Unveiling AudioSolutions Figaro XL2 Three-way speaker system- Figaro evolves: Modern design, enhanced performance – AudioSolutions' latest speaker series

Meet the new Figaro! An evolution of his most successful speaker series. It’s been five years since the original Figaro was introduced in 2018, yet the boundaries have been pushed again. The new Figaro has been greatly improved, adopting a modern design with brass metal accents and satin color options.

Figaro! maintains the timeless design of AudioSolutions. Designed to be easily powered by most amplifiers and can be placed very close to the wall. Figaro’s task is to make your life easier with as simple a setup, cable, and amp combination as possible.

Three-way speaker system designed with a Mini-Horn loaded silk dome tweeter and the unique midrange driver that operates in extended mid band effectively, making it an extended band driver, allowing the crossover frequencies of the drivers away from the most critical areas for the human ear – 1000-1500Hz and thus reduce crossover distortions and the perception of them. Two all-new and redesigned ER (Extra Rigid) hard paper cone bass drivers deliver faster, deeper bass response and improve overall sound clarity


Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet cabinet system taken from the upscale Virtuoso series contributes to a complex closed system that eliminates unwanted resonances by converting acoustic energy into heat, allowing all speakers to perform with precision and dynamics.

Figaro features stabilizers with height-adjustable tips, WBT NextGen connection terminals with bi-amping, and 6 unique, never-before-seen satin finishes with brass metal accents.


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 1918 mm x 336 mm x 581 mm
  • Weight: 115 kg each
  • Shipping weight: 157 kg each
  • Sensitivity: 92 dB at 2.83 V 1 m.
  • Suggested amplification power: 20-900W
  • Impedance: nominal 8.0 ohms
  • Crossover frequency: 400Hz; 4000Hz
  • Frequency response (indoor environment): 24-25000 Hz
  • Drivers: 19mm silk dome tweeter, two 15.2cm ER paper cone midrange, four 23.3cm ER paper cone bass drivers