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Unlock Galaxy S21 with Bixby voice base tent

Unlock Galaxy S21 with Bixby: smartphones unloack in different ways: there will soon be another option: voice control - via the Bixby voice assistant.
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Unlock Galaxy S21 with Bixby – rumor

In recent years, we have unlocked our smartphones in different ways: with a fingerprint, face unlock or something like a pin code. If it is up to Samsung, there will soon be another option: unlocking via voice control. And not just any voice control, of course this must be arranged via the Bixby voice assistant.

At least that is what the Samsung news website writes Sammobile. The rumor concerns the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy S21 series, which may be presented in January of next year. Technically, this feature could also come to other Samsung devices, as the feature is linked to Bixby. And Bixby is present on quite a few smartphones from the South Korean company. But the S21 would be the first device to offer support for the function.

This is evident from information that has surfaced from the OneUI 3.1 update. It states that Bixby is able to unlock a smartphone, such as the Galaxy S21, via voice recognition, in the same way as with a fingerprint scanner, pin code or face recognition. It is not yet clear how this exactly works. For example, when Samsung introduced facial recognition for its smartphones, which could unlock those things, it was possible to unlock a phone by showing a photo of the registered face. So the question is whether you will soon be able to unlock someone else’s Galaxy by presenting a recording of the voice.

Google has previously introduced this option for the Google Assistant. However, in 2018 that option was also withdrawn due to security vulnerabilities. Samsung is currently testing a beta of OneUI 3.0 with a large number of users, in the form of a public beta. OneUI 3.1 is not yet available to everyone.