Ultrasone S-Logic 3 technology launched new signature headphones

Ultrasone S-Logic 3 technology launched new signature headphones: Ultrasone Signature Master, Signature Natural and Pulse

Ultrasone S-Logic 3 technology launched new signature headphones: Bringing the concert hall directly to your ear: That is the goal of the new technology that has been developed at Ultrasone, according to a current press release that also announces three new headphones. But in order:

Ultrasone S-Logic 3 technology

For a long time now, Ultrasone has sworn by in-house S-Logic technology, the driver arrangement of which takes into account the physiological properties of the ear, in particular the steering effect of the auricle.

New with S-Logic 3 are special deflectors that redirect the sound directly at the driver and thus ensure a more realistic radiation behavior in interaction with the earpiece. Thus, according to Ultrasone, even demanding mixing and mastering tasks should be possible with headphones: independent of location and also independent of the existing acoustics of the listening room.

The following three headphones are equipped with this new technology.

Ultrasone Signature Master

Ultrasone Signature Master: optimized for studio applications

The Signature Master was specially designed for the special requirements of sound engineers. It comes with a 40 millimeter titanium mylar membrane and a closed plastic housing. The reduction in the listening level made possible by S-Logic 3 and a special technology for shielding magnetic fields are intended to ensure sustainable, healthy work, even over long periods of time.

Ultrasone Signature Master price: 949 euros

Ultrasone Signature Natural

Ultrasone Signature Natural

Ultrasone Signature Natural: With low impedance, also suitable for mobile players

The Ultrasone Signature Natural is specially designed for mobile hearing and therefore comes with a particularly stable, closed plastic housing, among other things. Due to its impedance of 32 ohms, it can also be operated on smartphones and laptops without buckling in the sound.

Ultrasone Signature Natural price: 649 euros

Ultrasone Signature Pulse

Ultrasone Signature Pulse

Ultrasone Signature Pulse: DJs love the foldable ear cups

These headphones were primarily designed for DJs. Its robust housing is equipped with rotatable ear cups, which is known to be a must for anyone who not only wants to hear the music signal, but – if necessary – also the “trimmings”.

price Ultrasone Signature Pulse: 549 euros