UHD Alliance: There will be a movie maker mode for Dolby Vision

UHD Alliance: There will be a movie maker mode for Dolby Vision. This is revealed reentry by a credible source.

The movie maker mode is already on many televisions, but not yet in Dolby Vision quality. That will come now, says UHD Alliance. We already know the filmmaker mode in SDR and HDR image quality, but that will soon also be possible in Dolby Vision.

TechRadar indicates that this mode, which is intended to allow you to experience a movie or series as the director intended, is expected soon. It writes this in response to a preview of the new LG G3 OLED television, where Mike Zink of UHD Alliance gave a presentation in which he said that television makers can prepare for the arrival of a Dolby Vision Filmmaker Mode.

Filmmaker mode

Filmmaker mode sounds very exciting, but it is not so bad in practice what it entails. Just like ‘lively’, it is a certain preset for your television screen. One person simply wants all colors to splash off the image, even if that comes across as unnatural, while another prefers it a bit darker. Filmmaker mode is another such option and it is very welcome. Famous filmmakers such as Denis Villeneuve and Martin Scorcese have spoken out about how disappointed they are that there is no good way to show films on television. At least, not the way they mean when they spend years working on a film.

The directors mainly complain about the incorrect color reproduction and unnatural motion processing, in addition to the fact that they are not very keen on the rather far-reaching way in which some televisions try to sharpen the images. The filmmaker mode does something about that, but was not yet there in one of the better image options: Dolby Vision. Movie maker mode TVs include LG, Samsung, Philips. Hisense, Panasonic and Vizio. In other words, major brands, many of which are also installed in the living room in the Netherlands. Hopefully, once it’s there, they can move quickly to implementation for an even better movie experience for home viewers.

Dolby Vision Dark

If you can’t wait, then when you watch a movie and want to imitate a kind of filmmaker mode with Dolby Vision, it is best to choose Dolby’s Dark mode. Warm colors with neutral white balance for better color presentation. Movement on the screen and that intense sharpness just mentioned are also handled differently. It will probably take a while before this filmmaker mode for Dolby Vision comes out: the expectation is 2024 at the earliest.