Ubsound Multico ML 68: Multi-coaxial loudspeaker

Ubsound Multico ML 68: Multi-coaxial loudspeaker launches
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The Italian company Ubsound was founded in 2011 in Milan, where speakers and headphones are developed. With the Ubsound Multico ML 68 there is now a first representative of the new Multico series, which comes up with some interesting technical details.

Ubsound Multico ML 68: Concept and assembly

The driver equipment is certainly unusual: four dynamic two-way coaxial drivers are installed, three of which radiate towards the front and one towards the bottom. Usually, down-firing is used with woofers; Marzio Gasparro, CEO of the Ubsound Group, however, says: “This creates a complete sound image, since all frequencies are reflected by the refraction on the floor surface and thus there is a special synergy with the three front coaxial drivers.”

The speakers, which according to Ubsound are hand-made, have feet made of a special PVC. The inside of the feet has been reinforced with a steel core to minimize vibrations. In addition, each driver is provided with an L-shaped outer ring made of sound-absorbing wood, which is supposed to dampen resonances caused by lateral vibrations of the loudspeakers.

Ubsound Multico ML 68: Three coax systems play towards the listener – and one downwards

Ubsound specifies a frequency range of 21-26,000 Hertz (+/- 3 dB) as well as a very high efficiency of 93 dB / 2.83V / m, so that, according to the manufacturer, amplifiers from 20 watts of power per channel can be used sensibly.

And another rarity should not be left unmentioned: Ubsound has announced that it will soon be introducing payment in crypto currencies in addition to the standard payment methods – but which this will be has not yet been announced. Ubsound loudspeakers can be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Multico ML 68 price: 15,000 euros