Ubisoft announces more details of Operation Para Bellum for Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft announces more details of Operation Para Bellum
Ubisoft would announce new details about Operation Para Bellum during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals. They have done that and below we have put all the new information for you.

Operation Para Bellum

Operation Para Bellum starts in June and with that the second season in the third year for the game is a fact. The start of the new season is accompanied by the release of a new map, Operators and more.

  • New folder: Villa
  • New defensive Operators: Maestro and Alibi
  • Alibi: An undercover infiltration specialist who comes before the Italian Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS). She has a hologram to put down which confuses enemies about who is now the real Alibi.
  • Maestro: He belongs to the same unit as Alibi and has experience in Iraq. He has a turret which he can control from a distance and which is also bulletproof. The turret also has the ability to look through smoke. It fires laser beams at low speed.
  • Pick & Ban system: This system is launched with the start of the season and allows players to block certain choices of others. It is even possible that Operators are switched by a sixth choice.

So far the most important innovations coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft also released a short list of some general additions and modifications and that is as follows:

  • Deloyable Bullet Proof Cameras
  • New Counter Defuser Animation
  • Dropshotting Adjustments
  • Weapon Sight Misalignment Adjustments
  • New Observation Tool Management
  • Operator Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčAdjustments
  • Echo Buff
  • Clubhouse Map Buff