TV Vlaanderen and Samsung Launch Smart TV App

TV Vlaanderen
TV Vlaanderen, TÉLÉSAT and Samsung launch Smart TV App on the European market. The app will be available first in Belgium .
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TV Vlaanderen, TÉLÉSAT and Samsung Launch Smart TV App on the European market. The app is a first in Belgium because it is the first time that a Belgian TV operator can offer an additional smart TV experience without a classic decoder.

TÉLÉSAT and Samsung Launch Smart TV App

The interactive app functions as a virtual hybrid decoder on a Samsung smart TV and is a combination of linear and non-linear TV, where the entire TV Flanders channel offer is available via satellite and the internet. In this way satellite TV customers get access to 90 TV channels from their TV subscription and 400 free to receive stations via satellite on every Samsung smart TV at home, depending on their TV subscription and connection. The interactive services such as the Video on Demand offer and Restart and Replay are also integrated.

The advantages of this collaboration are clear: a classic decoder is no longer needed, TV viewing is done with one remote control and the app is fully integrated with all other available apps on the Samsung smart TV. The TV Vlaanderen app for the Samsung smart TV will be available free of charge from 9 October 2018 in the app store for appliances from the 2016 model year. TV viewing via the app is at no additional cost and is just like watching live TV via the smartphone or tablet, a standard option included with every TV subscription for satellite TV at TV Vlaanderen. For a full hybrid experience on a smart TV, without decoder and one remote control, a satellite TV customer needs a CI+ module with the Live TV option.