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Turntables for beginners

Turntables for beginners : This article is peace of explanation of Turntables (record players) and provide guidance for the beginners

Turntables for beginners: There are two typical reasons someone might be interested in buying a turntable: an interest in a special sound or an interest in the nostalgia factor. Of course, you can do both. However, if you are just starting out with turntables, you may not even know what is important.

Therefore, beginners should know a small 1 × 1 of the turntable. This means that even newbies can make a purchase that is worthwhile in the long term. Anyone who knows the basics of quality and performance will then have a look at them USB and Bluetooth turntables in the test or go to a trusted specialist dealer.

Turntables: what types are there?

Turntables are basically quite simple. There is a case – on which the turntable can be found -, a tonearm and a cartridge. Are driven Record player with a belt drive or a direct drive. With direct drive, the platter is driven by a motor located near the platter. With a belt drive, the motor can be placed further away – and (according to the name) the movement is transmitted by a belt.

With belt drives, in contrast to direct drives, the drive belt has to be changed at some point, but many people swear by the sound quality of the belt drive, as fewer vibrations disturb the sound – a very individual decision. In terms of price, belt drives make more sense for beginners.

Then it is important to distinguish between the following three variants:

  • manually
  • semi-automatic
  • fully automatic

The same applies here: Your own requirements determine the selection. With manual turntables, the tonearm itself has to be placed on the record and then removed again. Semi-automatic versions have to be put on, but the tonearm is automatically removed after the end of the record. The fully automatic versions put the arm on and off again automatically.

What should be considered when buying?

First of all, it should be clear that saving money on a purchase does not always mean getting away cheaper. In addition to the sound quality, it should be noted that turntables wear out. Therefore, less good materials for the turntable or tonearm can reduce the price when buying them, but if they have to be replaced quickly, then in the end it was more expensive.