Triangle Magellan 40TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION is The essence of Triangle's know-how

Magellan is the essence of TRIANGLE’s know-how, an effort to obtain the best possible results, an exclusive product in which each element has been carefully chosen.

Made from the finest materials selected with the utmost care, this 40th Anniversary edition continues this fundamental approach. Combining elegance and technology, it is a continuation of TRIANGLE’s investment in favor of a goal of pleasure and excitement.

Luxury Hifi, French elegance

The timeless design of the MAGELLAN loudspeakers embodies the definition of TRIANGLE aesthetics together with French elegance. The minimalist design of these speakers emphasizes their precision.

The MAGELLAN range offers this essential capability that allows the object to contribute to the refinement of the living space without becoming tedious.

Made for music enthusiasts. Incredible immersive sound

MAGELLAN 40th Anniversary speakers are extremely precise, every note rings true. Its wide spectrum of sound, combined with its remarkable power handling, ensure the faithful reproduction of wide musical nuances.

With this product you will enjoy a unique and exceptional moment that never ends.

Ideal quality and precision. exhaustive french craftsmanship

Developing loudspeakers this exceptional requires complete control, from design to manufacturing. Each part is made from high-quality materials, then checked for the slightest imperfection. Only an in-house manufacturing process guarantees the high level of excellence required to produce MAGELLAN loudspeakers.

internal components. Striving for the best possible results

The chosen internal components are proof of this uncompromising approach applied only to exceptional products.

TWEETER TZ2900PM-MG. New magnesium alloy dome

Several years of research and development have led to the design of the new TZ2900 tweeter. In this limited edition, TRIANGLE features a magnesium alloy dome for a better transition to the midrange driver. Combined with patented horn tweeter technology, this new driver brings out all the details of the upper harmonics.

LHS 2 system. Speakers with heat sink

The MAGELLAN 40th Anniversary Edition speakers are equipped with a patented cooling system called LHS 2. A heat sink consisting of a heat transfer ring that covers the rear of the motor. This heat sink allows optimal heat transmission to the external structure of the speaker, thus improving the power handling of the transducer.

High density enclosure and architecture. solid wood chassis

Cabinet design is crucial to sound quality, and the MAGELLAN 40th Anniversary Edition cabinets have been carefully designed to ensure total inertia.

The curved shape of the chassis is made of successive layers of high-density fiberboard, each 3mm thick, thus excluding any internal parallelism. This piece of furniture is characterized by a specific architecture resulting from a meticulous study of the vibrations and microdeformations of the furniture.

Bracing has been strategically placed to ensure the cabinets are rigid enough to withstand the powerful vibrations generated by the drivers at high volume levels.