Triangle BOREA BR10 HiFi Floor Standing Speaker

Introducing Triangle BOREA BR10 HiFi Floor Standing Speaker- The BR10 has a three-way design, with a 25mm EFS tweeter and a 6” midrange driver with a cellulose pulp membrane.

BOREA’s new flagship

Since the launch of the BOREA range in 2019, TRIANGLE has achieved resounding success on the international scene. The manufacturer has left its mark by maintaining this same philosophy: to share this passion and love for music through quality speakers with a controlled budget.

TRIANGLE presents a new reference model for the range, the BOREA BR10. With 21cm low-frequency drivers, the development team offers a speaker with more generous dimensions for more excellent performance.

Sound signature faithful to Borea

Using 21 cm speakers expands the bandwidth in the low-frequency register. However, the 25mm fabric dome tweeter equipped with the waveguide (EFS Technology), the midrange, and its natural cellulose pulp membrane, together with its small pleat suspension, remains unchanged.

In this way, the range’s sound signature is preserved, allowing for a multitude of compositions while guaranteeing a homogeneous tone.

Hi-Fi and home theater versatility

The Borea BR10 can reproduce a wide sound spectrum, giving it great versatility in terms of use.

Recommended for rooms larger than 30m2, it can also be used as the main speaker for your home theater installations.

RRP: €1,499