TP-Link presents the first routers with support for WiFi 6

TP-Link products with WiFi 6: manufacturer TP-Link has therefore presented new WiFi 6 routers at CES 2019

TP-Link products with WiFi 6: The next generation of WiFi is just around the corner and manufacturer TP-Link has therefore presented new WiFi 6 routers at CES 2019. In total it concerns six different products; this also includes a WiFi extender.

TP-Link products with WiFi 6

The next generation of WiFi is just around the corner, so more and more manufacturers will present products with WiFi 6 on board. TP-Link has therefore presented six products at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. At the top is the Deco X10 tr-band mesh router. This router works together with other Deco products in the house for an even distribution of the WiFi signal. Because there are no other products with WiFi 6 at the time of writing (such as smartphones or televisions), you have few reasons to upgrade.

Nevertheless, you can already prepare for the future with the investment in the Deco X10, as this router can strengthen and speed up the internet connection in your home. You do need two Deco X10 models for that; that’s why TP-Link will soon sell this product in packs of two for $ 349.99. The other high-end model that has been announced is set to be a gaming router: Archer AX11000. This router can handle speeds approaching 11,000 Mbps, but that’s all theoretical right now.

No device that consumes so much data in one go. But if you were to bring this product into your home now, you might notice that the WiFi fails less often (if that happens at all). This product is available in the US starting this month for $ 449.99. The Archer AX6000 is already available in the US. This is a dual-band router that takes advantage of the enhanced multi-connection function of WiFi 6. The AX1800 and AX1500 are the latest routers. These do not offer great WiFi 6 functions, but do offer support for that WiFi.

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