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TP-Link announces 6 new Kasa smart home products

TP-Link announces 6 new Kasa smart home products which include ight Switch, doorbell, security cameras, Dimmer Switch and Outdoor Plug.
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New Kasa smart home products: TP-Link has presented six new Kasa smart home products at CES 2021, which will be released during the year.

The Kasa line TP-Link is a series of smart home devices designed to make smart applications accessible. The new products are presented in the virtual hall from the company. The first new product is the Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch (KS220M). This is a new dimmer for your lamps, which is equipped with motion detection. When no movement is detected, lights are switched off automatically. In addition, there is an ambient light sensor, so that lamps do not switch on during the day when it is unnecessary. In addition, the accessory has a Fade In and Out function, with which lamps can be switched on and off more slowly.

The next product from TP-Link is the Kasa Smart WiFi Light Switch with 3-Way Dimmer Kit (KS230KIT). This is a new WiFi switch that converts a traditional three-way light system to a version that can be operated wirelessly via WiFi. The system has a dimming function, which automatically ensures good brightness of the lamps. Here too, Fade In and Out is available. In addition, there is voice support, so that you control the system via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Samsung SmartThings.

The Kasa Smart Doorbell (KD110) is a smart doorbell within the portfolio, which has a full HD camera. The doorbell can distinguish between people and other objects through artificial intelligence. Images can be stored in the cloud, but also locally on a micro-SD card (up to 128 GB). With Kasa Care you get access to thirty days of storage space in the cloud. There is also an IP64 certificate and you can link different chimes, so that you can hear the bell well in the house.

The Kasa Spot Pan Tilt with 24/7 Recording (KC410S) is a security camera that records images in 1440p, via the 4 megapixel sensor. The camera’s night vision also supports color images. The motion detection is able to follow people and therefore always keep them in the picture (up to a certain angle of course). In addition, there is the Patrol Mode: the camera can then check specific angles at fixed intervals. Again, there is support for local storage (up to 256 GB) and cloud storage (via Kasa Care).

Kasa Cam Outdoor with 24/7 Recording (KC420WS) is another outdoor camera. This camera has many of the same features as the above-mentioned outdoor camera and also has an ip65 certificate. There is no Patrol Mode, but otherwise the cameras (as far as we can see on paper) look alike.

The latest product is the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug (KP401). This is an outdoor socket with a wide WiFi range. The product makes it possible to switch ‘stupid’ products on and off at fixed times. You can also control that from the Kasa Smart app. The socket has an IP64 certificate.

TP-Link has announced that the various products will be available in the course of 2021. It is not yet clear what they should cost and whether they will also come to the Netherlands.