Totaldac d1-driver-sublime and Amp-1-sublime

Introducing Totaldac d1-driver-sublime and Amp-1-sublime- French hi-fi brand TOTALDAC has just launched a new amplifier and matching preamplifier.

French Hi-Fi brand TOTALDAC has just launched a new amplifier and matching preamplifier.

d1-driver-sublime, the timeless and upgradeable Totaldac amplifier driver

The d1-driver-sublime is an analog controller. It is usually connected between a DAC and an amplifier. It answers the endless question, “is it better with or without a preamp?”

The strength of preamps is their active stage rather than their volume control. The functional stage helps drive the power amplifier.

Traditional preamplifiers were designed when people had several analog sources: LP, cassette, FM tuner, CD player… Some of us still use LPs today; in this case, you can connect the LP via an analog-to-digital converter to the DAC or keep a traditional preamp. Many of us use only one DAC as a source. In this case, the d1-driver-sublime is the solution to getting the best sound, the lowest noise, and the friendliest volume control from a Totaldac DAC remote control.

Its driveability allows the d1-driver-sublime to enhance dynamics, bass control, articulation, presence, soundstage, and life.

The d1-driver-sublime does not have a volume control because it depends on the DAC volume control. Still, if the entire system gain is too high (DAC + amplifier + speakers + room), an analog attenuation of – can be activated at 15.5 dB using a switch on the rear panel. This dimmer uses 12 pieces of Vishay’s 0.01% VAR Bulk Metal® foil resistors. If the system loses some gain with shallow recorded tracks, the latest Totaldac DACs offer a +12 dB digital gain option. These two selectable gains on a Totaldac system allow all settings to be optimized.

The d1-driver-sublime has been tested with the d1-core up to the d1-sublime DACs and with the Amp-1-sublime as an amplifier.

Amp-1-sublime, timeless, and upgradeable Totaldac stereo or monoblock amplifier

The Amp-1-sublime is Totaldac’s reference amplifier, using exclusively solid-state components.

Its design began with the available Magico M6 speakers, then continued with the Totaldac d100% wood speakers, as well as a large 105 dB/1 W/1 m efficiency speaker system and the d1-sublime DAC o an analog master tape player as a source.

The Magico has a moderate efficiency and complex impedance; the excellent speaker system has an efficiency of 105 dB/1 W/1 m with an easy impedance of 8 ohms. An amplifier that offers the best sound in these two opposite environments will work well with all high-end speakers.

The triode stage used in the previous generation Amp-1 is now upgraded with an innovative transistor gain stage, which uses a meager component count (all discrete) and no global feedback. A very high voltage (240Vdc) gives maximum dynamics to the signal, and its power is also based on a discrete regulator. The circuit uses Vishay’s 0.01% VAR Bulk Metal® foil resistors in the critical voltage gain stage.

The gain stage is followed by an equally innovative and powerful transistor buffer, which does not use global feedback. This design combines no global feedback, low noise, high gain (33 dB), high bandwidth (400 KHz), and high current (1-ohm driving) thanks to its 2500 VA/25 kg live power transformer. These characteristics produce a transparent, fast, lively, and natural sound without harshness and at the same time with punch and weight in the bass.

The Amp-1-sublime amplifier is available as a stereo amplifier with RCA inputs or as a fully balanced monoblock with XLR input.

Stereo version specifications:

  • Zero global feedback
  • Completely discreet design
  • Completely solid state
  • RCA inputs
  • Mundorf binding posts
  • 2x150W at 8ohm
  • 2x300W at 4ohm
  • 2x500W at 2ohm
  • Stable at 1ohm
  • 33dB gain
  • 0.77V sensitivity
  • Input impedance: 47Kohm
  • Frequency response at -3dB: 0.06Hz to 400KHz
  • 230mm height
  • 483mm width
  • 453mm depth including connectors
  • 54kg weight

Monobloc version:

  • XLR input
  • Fully balanced from XLR input to speaker output
  • An Amp-1-sublime monoblock can be used as a stereo amplifier with RCA inputs
  • 600W at 8ohm
  • 1000W at 4ohm