Summer test: Top five best bluetooth speakers for less than 70 euros

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In the portable bluetooth speakers up to €70 category, the Homecinema Magazine team is testing various models the results of the test can be found here.

A nice music in the summer: ideal for a day at the beach, the park or as a mood maker during the barbecue. Then a portable speaker is your biggest little friend, but … which one should you buy? After all, there is a large range of wireless small speakers for sale that are absolutely different in quality. In the ‘portable bluetooth speakers up to € 70’ category, the Homecinema Magazine team is testing various models the results of the test can be found here.

Portable bluetooth speakers can be purchased from a few dozen euros and can cost up to hundreds of euros. In this comparison, we test portable speakers in the cheaper segment. After all, not everyone wants to go deep into the pouch for that perfect sound. We look at five different speakers, including from JBL and Philips. Who is the winner?

How do we test?

Each speaker has been tested on the same criteria, namely:

  • User experience (20%): How easy is the portable to operate? Is it easy to carry, all functions are easy to operate, etc.
  • Build Quality / Design (10%): Is the speaker built solidly and functionally? How big and how heavy is the speaker? What does the appliance look like? Etc.
  • Sound quality (50%): How does the sound sound? How is the sound image? How do different genres of music sound?
  • Features (10%): Which (extra) functions and possibilities are on the speaker? And how useful are these?
  • Price (10%): How is the price / quality ratio of the product? Would you buy it yourself for this price?


The JBL GO is one of the most compact bluetooth speakers at the moment. He is also one of the cheapest, with a sales price of often less than thirty euros. The small battery on board provides five hours of listening to music. And thanks to the built-in microphone it is also possible to call handsfree with the device. If you have a music source without bluetooth, take an audio cable with you, the GO is provided with an audio connection. Thanks to the compact size of the speaker, you can take it anywhere.

Price: 26.99 euros.

The following conclusions emerged from the test of the panel;

  • For those three decades the JBL GO does not deliver a bad sound, although we miss something in the middle.
  • On the other hand, you have to set it without a hard volume. Only from close by the small speaker has sufficient range.
  • On the other hand, the JBL GO will not easily cross its boundary and deliver a rickety sound.
  • The format is compact and the weight is low, good on the go.
  • However, due to lack of volume may not be so suitable in crowded places such as the beach, the pool or in the park.
  • The speaker is also not waterproof, something that makes it less suitable for ‘on the go’.
  • Minuses in terms of ease of use are that the distance to your player may be up to 10 meters and that the battery lasts only 5 hours.
  • The link with the smartphone is smooth and fast.
  • If you do not have much to spend, you’ll definitely get something nice for your money with the JBL Go.

Jabra Solemate

The Jabra Solemate is a compact, yet broad bluetooth speaker that lasts about eight hours on a battery. There is also an nfc chip incorporated, so you can connect your smartphone or tablet effortlessly with the device. The speaker is dust and water resistant and therefore an ideal travel partner. It is also shock resistant, so you can safely drop it. Good to know: the Jabra Solemate comes with a travel bag and a 3.5 mm audio cable, so you will receive a complete package after purchase.

Price: 69 euros.

The following conclusions emerged from the test of the panel;

  • This is the most expensive of this set of bluetooth speakers, but unfortunately also the least.
  • Unfortunately, the speaker has a crass design and is not easy to put away in a bag.
  • The Solemate scores high points on how ‘rugged’ he is. We dare to drop this speaker.
  • Fortunately, the speaker can deliver a dynamic sound to different musical styles.
  • However, with vocals we have the idea that the voice is stashed away, so that the sound can be rather dull.
  • For outdoor use ‘ie just not hard enough.
  • The link with the smartphone is smooth and fast.

JAM Double Down

Make no mistake in the format of the JAM Double Down. This is a compact bluetooth speaker that fits easily into any bag. Due to the rubber exterior the speaker can take a beating. It is also true that it is splashproof. When you have a second JAM Double Down in the neighborhood, you can connect both speakers and enjoy stereo music. That can then be up to six hours in a row. On the back is also an audio connection, so you can also connect devices that are not bluetooth.

Price: 44 euros

The following conclusions emerged from the test of the panel;

  • This speaker has a good sound for many different musical styles.
  • However, you often listen to dance, trance and more genres that rhyme, then it can be a bit disappointing. The speaker gets too heavy because of the low tones.
  • Furthermore, it is noticeable that the volume can open pretty far, making it suitable for busier environments.
  • This does not distort the sound quickly so that you almost always hear the music as it is intended.
  • Also the sound reproduction is both broad and lively; positive.
  • The bluetooth range of the speaker is a bit disappointing. If you walk 10 meters away with your mobile phone, the sound will also fall away.
  • As far as we are concerned, it is not a beauty that you get at home, but the design is mainly functional.
  • The connection with the smartphone is smooth.

House of Marley Chant

The House of Marley Chant is also a compact, splash-proof bluetooth speaker. On the back is a special hook, with which you can attach it to all kinds of objects. As long as there is room for the hook to attach itself to something. You can do this at the wheel of your bike, on the clothesline or just on your bag. You can also call hands free with the House of Marley Chant and you can use it for up to eight hours on a full battery. The outside of the speaker looks luxurious and neatly finished (the speaker looks like a mini version of a bongo or conga).

Price: 42 euros.

The following conclusions emerged from the test of the panel;

  • Up close, about a meter and a half away, the speaker delivers a tinny sound.
  • This speaker is especially suitable for genres such as dance and trance. They come out the best.
  • In the high, the sound is very flattened and if you are too far away from it, it looks like the sound is coming from a can. You also miss warmth in the vocals.
  • The speaker has little details, although the design suggests otherwise.
  • You mainly pay for the name and design.
  • The sound quality is a challenge to everyone in the panel.
  • The speaker is easy to use, with clear buttons and notifications. The connection with the smartphone is also smooth.
  • The battery life is also a positive point of this speaker.

Philips Shoqbox SB300

The design of the bluetooth speaker betrays it a little: the Philips Shoqbox SB300 is a sturdy yet compact bluetooth speaker. Thanks to its unique design, it is also splashproof and shock resistant, so you can safely take it to the pool or beach. The SB300 can deliver a deep bass; this is due to the full range driver and the double bass radiators. Almost every genre of music is easy to listen to on this little all-rounder. There are also lights in the device, which can move along to the size of the music, and the speaker has a microphone for hands-free calls. The battery lasts about eight hours.

The SB300 is made of a cheap looking plastic with a rubber finish for the buttons at the top. However, he feels solid and this construction ensures that he can endure a lot. At the back are the connections, a usb and aux port. To protect against water, there is a rubber cover. This is fortunately not too small, making the opening and closing easy.

Price: about 50 euros.

The following conclusions emerged from the test of the panel;

  • The Philips speaker is the best all-rounder in this test.
  • Philips provided him with a ‘logical’ design; compact, resistant to influences and easy to carry.
  • Partly because of the design, music almost always sounds good, regardless of the genre.
  • The volume can be opened considerably, without loss of quality.
  • Yet this speaker is not perfect either, because with a lot of dynamics in the sound you hear that he sometimes sits at his max.
  • The link with the smartphone is smooth and fast
  • The Philips SB300 is a great buy for 50 euros. For this you get a speaker that sounds great with most music styles.

Top five best bluetooth speakers under 70 euros

Based on our findings and extensive tests, we arrive at the next top five of best bluetooth speakers under 70 euros. The list goes from the lowest number to the highest number. As you can see, the critical four-member panel has crowned the Philips SB300 Shoqbox as the winner. Almost every genre of music is easy to listen to on this little all-rounder. The JAM Double Down also surprised the panel positively. Thanks to a wide and dynamic sound, this speaker takes the silver. The JBL Go, House Of Marley Chant and the Jabra Solmate complete the list. There was not enough of it, even though the latter gets it with the heels over the ditch.

Speakers Figure
Jabra Solemate 5.5
House of Marley Chain 6.1
JBL GO 6.5
JAM Double Down 7.1
Philips Shoqbox SB3000 7.4

Additional recommendation: UE Roll 2

A Bluetooth speaker under 70 euros that we have not included in the test but have heard, is the UE Roll 2. This speaker has a suggested retail price of 99 euros, but is already for sale for almost three decades less. The reason that we initially did not take this speaker into the test has to do with the price; first we wanted to get a good picture of the cheaper speakers. The reason we call it here anyway is because the bluetooth speaker delivers incredibly good and warm sound, without having to compromise on design and portability. For a few extra bucks you get an even better sound, a sleeker design and an overall better speaker in our view.

Price: approximately for seventy euros.

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