TIDAL Piano G3 Ultimate Audio System

TIDAL Piano G3 Ultimate Audio System launches. It is built like nothing else and was never about size or dimensions.

Evolution³ – the new TIDAL Piano G3

The development and evolution of TIDAL masterpieces means experiencing even more emotions, even higher quality and even more impressive details, without losing anything from the predecessor.

There isn’t a single part that hasn’t been further improved and there wasn’t a single detail that hasn’t been reconsidered as the best solution for it: making the new Piano G3 the best and most complete TIDAL entry loudspeaker ever created. The entrance to the world of TIDAL.

The new TIDAL Piano G3 – Absolute Entry. Improving classic designs does not mean changing it. Rather, it means improving the details while continuing and strictly following the unique concepts of the original. After building the TIDAL Piano for more than two decades, the third generation of our world-acclaimed Piano models, the G3 Piano remains a classic.
Continuing the quintessential TIDAL speaker, the Piano G3 has all the core elements of our philosophy and embodies even more of what TIDAL stands for: definitive masterpieces with the greatest complexity hidden behind the most sophisticated simplicity.

The Piano has always been a very special speaker for TIDAL. Much of the company and its history included this model, paving the way for what came after. Much has been written about the predecessor Piano G2, and yet the new Piano G3 model from 2022 pushes the boundaries of this concept even further.

The TIDAL Piano G3 is built like no other and was never about size or dimensions. It masters the trick of being an “entrance” masterpiece in our collection and yet is a “definitive choice” at the same time. An incomparable classic.


  • TIDAL Piano (G3 – third generation model)
  • Multi-chamber cabinet made from TIDAL TIRADUR’s proprietary cabinet material
  • Double constrained layer damping front for even less vibrations/resonances
  • 1 x Exclusive Gen2 TBD-30 30mm (1.2″) diamond tweeter, mechanically decoupled from cabinet
  • 2 x Proprietary 170mm (7″) Gen2 MW-FG-170 Black Ceramic BCC Midwoofers
  • Passive filter with ultra-low tolerance components, exclusive use of custom pure copper capacitors, metal film resistors, silver carbon resistors, air core inductors, ultra-low resistance bass inductor
  • Passive single-pulse filter isolated microphonically and hermetically sealed in separate chamber
  • Total weight of the passive crossover construction itself: 13 Kg.
  • Excellent low-level audio reproduction
  • Low mass silver junction connectors for perfect contact
  • TIDAL Varioterminal for three different configurations: 2-way pure (for very small rooms), 2.5-way linear (for medium-sized rooms), 2.5-way gained (for larger rooms or more bass in medium-sized rooms)
  • Gen-2 TIDAL Stainless Steel Insulators
  • Cabinet Finish: Original TIDAL Piano Lacquer in Midnight Black
  • Cabinet Finish: Hand-selected finest veneers in TIDAL’s original clear piano lacquer
  • ATA-flightcase for the safest transport
  • Rated power handling: 150 / 300 VA
  • Rated impedance: 4 ohms
  • Recommended power amplifier: > 30 watts. Very easy impedance loading
  • Speaker Dimensions: 116cm x 24.5cm x 39.5cm
  • Dimensions with vario feet (from floor to top): 121 cm high
  • Speaker weight without packaging: 2 x 70 Kg.
  • Shipping weight with packaging: 2 x 106 Kg.
  • Shipping dimensions: 2 carrying cases, 134 cm long x 39 cm wide x 51 cm high