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THX presents the Onyx: dac amplifier for your smartphone

THX presented the Onyx this week. This device is a DAC amplifier for your smartphone. The purpose of this is to improve the sound quality of audio that goes through your smartphone to wired headphones.

The Onyx is a very compact device that is mainly intended for on the road. The DAC amplifier has a 3.5mm port to which the headphones can be connected, plus a USB-C cable to which the smartphone can be connected. Magnets ensure that you can neatly store the cable of your headphones.

Under the hood of the Onyx we see THX AAA 78 and ESS Pro DAC chips that must ensure minimal noise and distortion. Not only does the audio sound ‘cleaner’, a larger dynamic range is also possible and you can turn the volume knob further. The dac supports MQA music files.

The THX Onyx comes in a metal housing and is now for sale for a price of 210 euros. More information about the dac amplifier can be found on the website from THX.

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